ServiceTracker Enhancements for COVID-19

In light of recent events and the outbreak of Corona COVID-19, ServiceTracker have added new system features and measures to help deal with the crisis and manage your customers during these times.  As ServiceTracker is a cloud-based system remote working is possible with no change to our service. 

The first thing we added was a new sub status field to allow you to place customers on-hold with a status of Covid-19. This places a banner at the top of the record screen to show you the client, contract or schedule is on hold and the reasons why.

Secondly, we have added some features to our mobile application so that technicians are alerted when a site, contract or schedule has been put on hold. This will inform them of the reason for being on-hold.  When the record is made active again a further alert will be sent out.

Lastly we have created a suite of reports to help you manage customer communications and provide you with a list of all customers you have placed on-hold.

Please see our video tutorials for more information or to learn how to access the system remotely.

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