frequently asked questions

Here are a handful of the most frequently asked questions from our Support and Account Management Team:

How long does it take to set up ServiceTracker?

The system is good to go when you sign up and is ready for you to import your data and get started. For bespoke requirements and integrations we can advise further as the system is so flexible. We can help you to build any bespoke requirements and tailor it to meet your specific needs. 

Can I automatically send an electronic service report to my customers when a visit is complete?

Yes. We have alert features which allow you to automatically send service reports out to your customers via email when a visit has been completed.

You can tailor this to any set of circumstances.  For example, we can either email out for every completed visit, just when there is pest activity found, when an issue on-site requires escalation or where there are actions or recommendations.  

Can I import my own data into ServiceTracker?

Yes.  We have data import tools and wizards that you can use yourself very easily.   All you need is an Excel or CSV template which is provided in the setup pages of the trial. 

Where are your servers located?

We have servers all over the world. You can visit to find your nearest one and find out about GDPR and data protection.

Can I add my own fields to the screens?

Yes. ServiceTracker is extremely customisable so you can add your own fields, pages, formulas, dropdown (picklist) menus and screens using the drag and drop facility.  These changes will automatically update on the mobile app with no development or coding being necessary.

Does ServiceTracker work on iPhone and Android?

Yes.  We have mobile applications for iPhone and Android plus cached versions of the app for all mobile devices including the iWatch. These are available to download from your phone’s app store.

Is the ServiceTracker mobile offline capable?

Yes. The app will go offline when in poor signal areas and all the data will be sent up to the server when you are back online.

Can I access ServiceTracker from anywhere?

Yes.  ServiceTracker is cloud-based and so you can access it from anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time.

Who owns the data?

You do!.   At no point do we store your data anywhere else but in your system. You are in complete control of your data.

Can I extract all my data from ServiceTracker at any time?

Yes.  We have a mass export feature with which you can extract your data or you can export selected data  at any time.

Does ServiceTracker have a customer portal?

Yes.  ServiceTracker’s customer portal is also highly customisable.  Each customer’s portal is unique to their business. We provide  you with a standard template and you decide what to show your customers. 

The view that we typically suggest  you may want to show your customers includes a list of visit reports and standard company documents. However,  you can also choose to show trend analysis, action plans, quotations, contract reviews, MSDS and COSHH and more.

Can I upload photos to ServiceTracker?

Yes.  You can upload as many photos as you like via the mobile app or admin console. These photos will appear in the service report, plus they will be available to customers in actions and inspections.

Can I do trend analysis and produce reports in ServiceTracker?

Yes. The  mobile can capture trend analysis and you have a wide range of additional options to choose from:  glue board counts and ranges; bird and nest removal quantities; internal v external rodent and insect activity; etc.  The customisation choices available to you are endless and we can build in your specific requirements. 

Reports are then created to show these trends graphically on graphs and data lists which can be emailed directly to your customers.  This information can be shown on service reports and presented on the customer portal.

Does ServiceTracker have barcode scanning features?

Yes. The app will scan barcodes and QR codes for direct access to control points and other items. This then logs the exact  location of the item and produces a map of what you have scanned, including the date and time it was scanned by the technician.

Does ServiceTracker have signature capture features?

Yes.  The mobile app allows the user to either obtain a written customer signature or record the fact that no customer was present on site.

Can I change the Service Report in ServiceTracker?

Yes. You can change the standard service report and tailor it according to your own requirements.  If you wish, we can replicate your existing electronic or paper report, or with a little HTML knowledge you may be able to do this yourself .

Does ServiceTracker have stock control features?

Yes.  ServiceTracker allows you to  track and trace stock from the moment it is delivered to the technician.  A record is created whenever stock is used. You can set thresholds for stock replenishment, plus you can see a full audit trail of the movement of all stock items.

I’m interested, can I get a trial of ServiceTracker?

Yes.  You can request a trial by contacting us here

The trial system will contain all of the features required for a pest control business to fully explore the system.  It should be noted that items like customised service reports, quote templates, screen customisations, data imports and integrations are bespoke requirements.  These are generally carried out once you are certain you wish to deploy ServiceTracker into your business.