Run your entire business from your mobile

It feels like it happened overnight, but you really can run your entire business directly from your mobile with ServiceTracker! 

Using just a smartphone you are able to see all the key metrics for your business, all the quotations in your pipeline, how your service team is doing, what your customers are doing, the state of service, the wins, the renewals, the trouble areas and much more. 

While the Cloud is fueling faster innovation, the smartphone is the pioneer in our connected world. With more than 6 billion smartphones in 2020 The Mobile Revolution is giving all of us far more power than a computer in the mainframe age, right in the palm of our hand. This shift is changing the way society interacts and does business.

Source: 6B smartphones by 2020-

Your customers are highly mobile and so should you be. Part of getting closer to your customer than ever before, is freeing up your business to take place wherever you are. The phone has more power than anything now and it should be 100% connected to your business, and more importantly your customers.

Using ServiceTracker, your customers can access their customer portals directly on their mobile, log incidents and actions directly through the mobile, check their state of service, conformance level and view visit reports and next visits.  Your customers can interact with you anywhere, anytime.

Your technicians can use ServiceTracker mobile to complete service visits, obtain signatures, take pictures of services,  order parts, create actions, print or send service reports, get access to the most up-to-date service information and stay in constant contact with the office.

Your Sales teams can use a mobile to update forecasts, enter new prospect information, gain access to the most recent sales documents, log calls, create quotations and send information directly to the the customer or prospect without even leaving the room.

Finance can use a mobile to check work completion for credit control, create new invoices, push data into your cloud-based finance systems and run reports for forecasting and revenue.

Management teams can use a mobile to check the state of service, run reports on individuals, get an overall picture of the business, view sales, view new contracts and gain access to every piece of information in the ServiceTracker system.

To find out how ServiceTracker can help you and your customers go mobile please contact us on 033 022 31022 or visit our website

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