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People laugh when we tell them that counting dead flies was the inspiration for our business.

As we look back over our lives, many of us recognise there are moments that may have seemed trivial at the time but later prove pivotal.  For us, there were two such pivotal moments and the first really did involve counting dead flies…

The original problem

One of our trusted friends from the Pest Control industry found himself wasting his evenings counting dead flies. He felt that there must be a better way to comply with regulation and eliminate the dull and time consuming task of fly counting.

Plus an even bigger problem

The second pivotal moment came when we saw what was happening within the Pest Control industry. The industry ‘big boys’ were becoming ever more powerful, and for the smaller Pest Control service companies, business was becoming tougher. We could see that these larger companies had a technological advantage over their smaller competitors. We also realised that we had the skills to equip our friends with the competitive clout they needed in order to compete alongside these corporate giants.

The Solution

To give our Pest Control comrades this competitive edge a solution was needed that would handle ever-increasing regulation, compliance issues and unify all the key functions of the business.

Such a system would enable those Pest Control companies to be more efficient and in turn, allow them to provide a better service to their customers. 

After all, happy customers are what we all want!


Our Mission

Our industry knowledge, experience and advice from industry friends allowed us to envisage a comprehensive solution that would combat the problems faced by Pest Control businesses. 

This was to be a solution from the industry for the industry.

We could see that creating such a system would revolutionize the Pest Control industry and equip business owners with the competitive advantage they were trying so hard to gain. 

However, as the saying goes, nothing worth having ever comes easy…

Making the dream a reality

As you can imagine, making this goal a reality was no stroll in the park. We worked tirelessly and eventually succeeded in doing what we set out to do: We created a real solution to meet the real-world needs of the Pest Control industry. We built something of which we are incredibly proud. We built servicetracker.

What this means for you

Those two key pivotal moments sent us on an important journey. That journey now delivers a way forward for you: A way to run your entire business more efficiently, more productively and more harmoniously, all from a single device, and from anywhere in the world. 

Now, doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun than counting flies?

So, only one question remains:

When would you like to start making more money from your business?

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Founder & Business Development Director

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Chief executive officer

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Company Director

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Product Development Manager

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ServiceTracker Software Developer

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ServiceTracker Mobile Developer

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