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Ideal for food production, BRC and high spec. Not suitable for companies with no administration function

Squeezed by Regs

As regulations get updated and customers become more demanding, we build in new functionality to keep you one step ahead of the game.

Handles Compliance For You  

ServiceTracker has been designed to meet the strict regulations set out by many governing bodies and associations.  This means everything is taken care of for you and kept up to date. Whether its GDPR and Security, Food Safety Standards, Health and Safety or industry leading customer policies, we have you covered.

Inspecting Control Points

    • Quantities of pest activity are captured electronically for each catch tray on each inspection
    • Trends are then plotted and accessible in graphical format, online through the portal and within reports
    • Threshold limits can trigger an action to be created for further investigation 
    • Bait Station Management
    • Action Management
    • Communication and Escalation Reports
    • eLog Books

Trend Analysis

How much time do your admin teams currently have to spend deciphering the technicians’ check lists after completing BRC visits, typing it into Excel and then creating graphs from the data?  We know how time consuming this is which is why this is all automated within our reports and dashboards. All your technicians have to do is type the analysis data into their mobile and the customer can see the graphs straightaway.

All available online to your customers

Customers are becoming increasingly tech savvy and are expecting real-time access to data to enable them to manage pest activity on their sites.  This is where ServiceTracker can really help your business.

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