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You will find that there are many field mobile applications to choose from when you start looking for a new pest management system for your business, but how many of these are built specifically for pest control and by pest controllers?  

The reality is that there are less you might think!  The ServiceTracker Dynamic app is built by pest controllers for pest controllers.  This means it is ready to use out of the box as all the functionality you’re likely to need is already built in.

Here at ServiceTracker, we started our journey more than ten years ago.  Over the years we spent a lot of time out in the field with pest controllers, learning how they work and ensuring the functionality we built into the app was designed specifically around their needs.  

The app is designed to improve their working day, not to hinder it or slow it down.

From a management perspective, technicians’ productivity is easy to manage from the data captured from the ServiceTracker Dynamic mobile app.  The Start Work / Finish Work function allows you to see all their working hours.  

Each completed visit is date and time stamped from the start of their journey to site, arrival on site and completion of the visit.  This enables you to track their day and to produce a timesheet on a daily or weekly basis.  

The menu options are easy to manage and understand:

Technicians can easily find their visits on the app which are all colour-coded.  Take a look at the images above where you can see call outs, jobs, follow up and routine visits are easy for the technician to differentiate.

If a technician is going to site to complete a follow up or call out, it will also show any other visit due, such as a routine or EFK visit.  This ensures all related visits are completed on-site at the same time

Technicians can easily prioritise their work by updating the date and time they plan to visit each site.  All visits are filtered and sorted by date for easy access.

It’s extremely easy for a technician to capture all their findings, recommendations, hygiene, proofing issues, prep used on site, etc.  Technicians can also add photos that get embedded onto the treatment report that gets emailed to the customers after the visit has been completed.  Photos are tagged where the technician can explain what’s happening – plus he can draw lines, arrows etc onto the photo to pinpoint where the proofing issue as an example.  Take a look at the example treatment report below.

All this, plus much more. Including the inspections of control points – bait stations, EFKs, etc with activity and trend analysis. Action management, focused on customer compliance. All this being immediately available to the customer through their own portal login. 

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