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For ServiceTracker product support, you can log a support ticket with us below 24/7 and you will receive a unique reference number via email which you can use to correspond with us and check the status of your support ticket.

Our service line agreements are as follows:

Priority 1 (Resolved within 4 hours).  Critical issues stopping you from carrying out your daily activities

Priority 2 (Resolved within 48 hours). Non-critical issues that do not impact on daily operations

Priority 3 (Within 5 working days) – Minor enhancements, report writing, data manipulation, customer portal setup, service report amendments or general administration

Road Map – Major enhancements to the system which will involve a degree of scoping, account management, development and testing. These tickets are prioritised by our development team and the community as a whole.

You can also use our video tutorials to gain more knowledge of the system and answer most questions.  Click on the resources link in the menu and then select “Training Videos” or you can click here

Alternatively you can send an email to with screenshots of your issue, providing details of your support request.

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Jordan Criddle

Systems Support Analyst
t: 033 022 31022

Lexi O'Connor

Systems Support Analyst
t: 033 022 31022