servicetracker standard

Ideal for 6+ technicians

ServiceTracker for the Pest Control industry

Working closely with our friends and associates in the Pest Industry has really set us apart from the rest.  We design and develop fantastic features based on recommendations from our customers. ServiceTracker really is designed by Pest Controllers for Pest Controllers.

Every step in the process… Done  

Manage your entire sales process and pipeline
Complete Contract Management
Schedule your field teams using list views, maps and calendars
See where your field teams are in real-time
Complete Electronic Visit Management using the ServiceTracker Mobile Application
Send electronic reports to your customers as soon as the visit is complete
Include inspection details in your electronic reporting
Upload pictures via the mobile application to be displayed in your electronic reports
Give your customers direct access to their data in the customer portal
Up to the second information about what is happening in your business
Capture historic data about your inspections and plot them in charts and reports
Connect to a wide range of Finance Systems
Access every piece of data you capture using reports
Manage your entire business from a smart phone

Keeping you on the paid jobs

Spend more time servicing customers, completing job work and winning more business. With the back-office essentials taken care of, our customers report higher profits, faster sales, increased cashflow, less time on the road and more time infront of their customers.

Buried Under Admin?

Why waste time and effort trawling through old paperwork and filing cabinets or running the risk of misplacing that all important Service Report that your customer needs ASAP? As ServiceTracker is a paperless, all-in-one solution with information at the touch of a button, you spend more time calculating your savings.

Grow your money making workforce

ServiceTracker will scale as you grow your company. We have worked with many businesses who started off with far less technicians than they have today and they reap the benefits of success  without the hassle of technology.

Invoicing your customers and integration to finance systems including Sage and Xero

A lack of integration increases the human intervention needed to complete the invoicing process. This increases administrative tasks and makes it more likely for human error to occur as data is transferred from one system to the next.

By integrating your systems, your customer receives the type of service they’ve come to expect; fast, reliable and secure as well as improving your efficiency and profit margins.

All available online to your customers

Customers are becoming increasingly tech savvy and are expecting real-time access to data to enable them to manage pest activity on their sites.  This is where ServiceTracker can really help your business.

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