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Connect with your subcontractors on a whole new level

Do you partner with Subcontractors or third party providers to service your customers?

If you currently partner with subcontractors and strategically placed third party field technicians to service your customers on a regional or international stage you have probably faced challenges with obtaining paperwork, viewing job completion notes, identifying follow-up actions and managing your combined state of service on more than a few occasions.

You may be thinking about expanding your business reach and are looking to out-source some of your services and partner with other providers who have optimal geographical coverage or can offer additional services, but you are wondering how it can all work without the headaches of keeping tabs on your workload or sharing information via numerous phone calls, follow-ups and emails.

Drowning in paperwork

On the other hand you may already be a subcontractor to your partners, offering a fantastic service but struggling day in day out to obtain the correct work orders and paperwork to get the job done, or information is simply not transferred correctly causing a whole host of communication breakdowns and service delivery challenges. Put simply you are looking for a better solution for your business and for your partners to ensure the job gets done as smoothly as possible with all of the information you need at your fingertips

This is where ServiceTracker can really help you

ServiceTracker, the service management solution for the compliance industry is built on the #1 CRM software as a service platform “”. Together we delight our customers with the very latest technologies and bleeding-edge service management features to help them manage their businesses effectively and monitor all customer activities seamlessly. 

Our goal at ServiceTracker is to provide all of our customers with the ability to manage all of their business interactions in one single location without having to dip into multiple systems to track day to day activity or run reports.

From marketing & sales management, contract management and service management to field mobile systems, invoicing, customer portals, electronic paperwork and full analysis of every piece of data captured, ServiceTracker really does have everything you need in one place.  

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Manage all of your business interactions in one single location

Sticking to our goal of managing everything in one place, one such feature of ServiceTracker and is the “Salesforce to Salesforce” connectivity which can allow multiple ServiceTracker systems to talk to each other and pass information seamlessly to one another as if they were one single system.

Salesforce to Salesforce makes it easy for businesses using ServiceTracker to share records and get updated data on any shared records in real-time. For example, you can share service and contract data with your partners and collect job completion details the second they are completed.



Salesforce to Salesforce lets your business partners easily integrate your data with their Salesforce records. You can see all of your sharing activity, manage your entire state of service, share data across multi-tiered partnerships, and integrate your business processes with updates received from your partners using workflow and assignment rules.


What does this mean for my business?

With Salesforce to Salesforce you can finally manage all of your subcontractor interactions effortlessly and keep on top of your state of service just like you are managing your internal teams.  All work completed is passed directly back to you in seconds for action planning, follow-ups, billing and with your own branded paperwork sent electronically to your customer when the job is complete.  You can manage time on site, travel times, subcontractor billing, the effectiveness of your partners and control all of the data by turning the sharing on and off as required. Say goodbye to missing paperwork, chasing phone calls to find out how a job is getting on, finger in the air pricing for partner work and say hello to managing every interaction in one single location in real-time giving you all of the information you need to run your business effectively.



Where do I start?

If you already use ServiceTracker and want to connect with other ServiceTracker users then there is very little setup to do and you can be up and running within a matter of minutes, sharing information with your partners in no time at all.  You can speak to our support team to help you manage the process from start to finish when you are ready.

If you do not yet use ServiceTracker or want to encourage your subcontractors and partners to use ServiceTracker for seamless integration then speak to us now on 033 022 31022 or email to find out the best way to get up and running with us and being a part of the ServiceTracker single system solution.     



033 022 31022 | email

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