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ServiceTracker and Salesforce

For the last sixteen years has been a cloud computing pioneer and evangelist. Their mission is to help the world shift from mainframe to client-server, to the Cloud. This shift to cloud computing has triggered more innovation in the form of a new Technology Model and New Business Model. ServiceTracker follow the exact same same principles with our cloud based Service application built on the platform.

We have chosen to partner with for the following reasons.

  • There is no hardware or software to buy, manage or maintain
  • A subscription model allows our customers to buy as need grows.
  • Automatic upgrades mean that our customer can stay focused on their business
  • Constant innovation allows us to deliver a future proof solution to our customers
  • Innovation is very very fast
  • Customisation is rapid and extremely scalable
  • Salesforce is the Most Trusted Enterprise Cloud for Security, Availability & Performance
  • Salesforce is the Worlds #1 CRM solution

The advantage of the Salesforce multi-tenant cloud is that it is the fastest way for your business to scale, the fastest way for you to innovate and it offers continuous improvement to security, availability and performance. No matter the size of your company, these benefits are all yours. This multi-tenant infrastructure becomes especially powerful when coupled with the Salesforce scalable metadata platform which allows you to completely customise your instance of ServiceTracker and have those customisations protected when we, or Salesforce upgrade our code.

Our success is directly dependent on the success of our customers and it is important that our customers can grow with us, as the value proposition increases. We at ServiceTracker have all the resources that customers need to succeed (people and technology) and our business model is built on 100% commitment to your success.

The ServiceTracker subscription pricing model exists so you can pay and go based on your own satisfaction. ServiceTracker have access to a global customer success team focused on the success of your systems in your company, and a broad ecosystem and community to help you get the most out of the system whatever your requirements.

We know technology is not enough, we have to be personally committed to your success, and that is what we do at ServiceTracker!

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