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Customer Portal

I’d like to take you on a journey to show you how you can connect with your customers in a whole new way, increase the size of your business, save money, win new contracts and exceed customer expectations all via the ServiceTracker Customer Portal.

A brief history….

Computers have evolved from connecting us through thousands of mainframes to billions of devices.  In this third wave of computing or the “Internet of Things”  we are connected to each other and devices like never before.

In the first wave of computing, companies used mainframes and terminals across thousands of computers. Then we moved to the second wave of computing — client server computing – where millions of PCs existed on networks.   But today, we’re entering into a third wave of computing, the most exciting wave of computing ever because everything is becoming connected.  It’s not just PCs, but it’s smartphones, tablets, products, sensors, watches – almost anything can be connected.   In fact, over 75 billion things will become connected by 2020,  and this has lead to Trillions of customer interactions.

What I love about my job is that the technology I develop and use is constantly changing and we are now in a world where everything is becoming more and more connected.  Many people call this the internet of things, but I look at it as simply an opportunity to connect with our customers and our customer’s customers in a whole new way; an “Internet of Customers”.

Some companies are pivoted to their competitors, some are pivoted to their shareholders, and others focus on their internal organisation, but ultimately, companies need to pivot back to the customer. To become customer obsessed, customer focused, customer driven, “Customer Company” you need a platform fit for the future!

ServiceTracker have worked with for the past 6 years to bring you a leading end-to-end business and operations solution; incorporating Field Service Management, Contract Scheduling, electronic visit completion, GPS tracking, automated document sending, invoicing management and much much more.

In addition to this, using the world’s most trusted and innovative enterprise cloud, we can now take your customer connections to a whole new level using the Salesforce Customer Community Cloud

Now you can give your customers a personalised experience of your entire business through the ServiceTracker Customer portal, available on any device, anywhere in the world at anytime and provide them with real-time access to;

  • Your Standard Company Documentation (MSDS, Risk Assessment etc)
  • Visit Completion Reports
  • Recommendations and Action Plans
  • Quotations and Invoices
  • Dashboards and Reports for any data captured
  • Trending and analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Site Management
  • Automated Email Alerts
  • Online Payment Features
  • Review meetings and contract renewals

This reduces the time spent on customer information requests as it gives your customer access to information 24/7 whenever they need it.  Your customer’s audits are completed with ease and 100% compliant and further to this, your customer portal is a chance for you to provide a means of marketing to existing customers at every opportunity.

The great thing about working with Salesforce is that our portal is completely changeable to meet our customers needs quickly offering each and every customer a different experience and showing them only what they are interested in and more if they can imagine it.

We have already helped many of our customers to succeed using the ServiceTracker Customer Portal. If you would like to know more about our Service Solution or Customer portal please get in touch on 033 022 31022 or email to


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