ServiceTracker Dynamic Mobile for iOS v2.2.2

ServiceTracker Dynamic Mobile v2.2.2

ServiceTracker  are pleased to announce the new release of our Dynamic Mobile application (v2.2.2) to the Apple Store for our iOS customers.

As this release comes with many changes, existing users will need to completely uninstall the current version before installing this latest version.

Here is a list of all the new features and enhancements

1. New home page

You can now access all of the features of the app in a brand new home page visible immediately after the initial download

2. Timesheet – clocking on and off

The “Start Work” button on the new front page is now active.  If required, technicians can click on this when they start their day or shift and press it again “Finish Work” when they clock off.  This can then be turned into an accurate time-sheet through Reports.

3. Personal Events

If required, technicians can now request time off from their line manager by clicking on the “Personal” button on the new front page and creating an event. This is also useful for internal meetings, vehicle checks, stock takes and much more

4. Documents

All documents required by the technician to perform their duties (Permits, COSHH, MSDS, Health & Safety etc) can be stored in folders within ServiceTracker and exposed to the technicians who can view them by clicking on the “Documents” icon on the new front page.  You can also store URL links to other document management systems and websites.

5. Ability to add inspections  to a visit;

You can now add inspections for items that are held on a site but have not been added to the visit.  On the inspection just click on the “+” button which is top right of the screen.  You will then be presented with a list of items on a page called “Items on this site” which are not on the visit.  Simply click on the ones you want to add and click “Yes” when presented with the pop-up box saying “Are you sure you wish to create an inspection for this item”.  This will then add the item to the list of inspections for that visit.

6. Creating a new inspection item

You can now create a brand new inspection item and inspection record within the visit you are working on in the app.  Follow the same process as above and when you get to the page “Items on this site”, click on the “+” button top right, choose the record type for the item you are adding and press “SELECT”. Fill in all the required details and click “CREATE”. Add as many as you wish and then go back a page to add the items to the visit to be inspected.

7. Creating a quote for the customer on site

At the bottom of the main visit page, look for the dollar sign on the right hand side in the blue bar. Clicking on this page will take you to the Quotes page.  Click “+” and fill in all the necessary details to create the quote. Press on “+ New Lines” to add individual Products with Prices where already applied.  Click on the three dots to the right of the Line Item (more button) if you wish to add the Location and Description of the item.  This is useful if you then want to convert the item you are quoting for into an inspection item.

Finally, if you have acceptance from the customer to proceed, ask them to sign in the grey box.  All the captured information can be converted into a PDF quote / work order / service agreement as long as this has been set up in advance.

8. Images of Inspection Items

You can now upload images to an inspection item and these will be displayed on the mobile.  This can be very useful for technicians who are not sure what they are looking for when going to service it.

9. Indicate Overdue Visits in the Nearby Tab

When searching for nearby visits, all visits that are overdue can now be identified by a red star.  These are also in order of date oldest first

10. Refresh All Data Function

Significant improvements applied to the speed of this function

11. Minor Enhancements

  • Prep / Waste List now in alphabetical order, plus duplicate items removed from the list
  • Clear Offline Data option now further down the menu so it cannot be pressed accidentally
  • Enhancements to the on-site printed report
  • Visits only showing as “Overdue” if they are a day overdue or more (not up to the minute)
  • “Today” and “This Week” tabs now showing in the correct sequence
  • Completed Date now showing on the completed Tab and now in order of completed first
  • Improvements made for issues experienced on the Samsung S6 (we do not recommend this phone)

If you have any questions about the new mobile application or would like trial of the new app please contact us on 033 022 31022

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