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CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY: Safeguard Pest Control


Safeguard (Part of the Orkin Rollins Group) have called ServiceTracker “the system of choice within the Pest Control industry” and here are some of the key reasons why:

  • Once fully deployed, you will see a significant improvement in the way your business is managed.
  • Customers are kept informed at all times, are immediately aware of any issues on any of their sites and have full access to everything online
  • All staff have full visibility and control of work being carried out within each part of the business
  • Staff are happy -the system really works and is built for Pest Control
  • Surveyors know the status of all the quotes they are managing
  • Work carried out by the technicians get completed accurately on system and is available online immediately

Overall, Safeguard have seen a significant return on investment after bringing ServiceTracker into their business.

  • Staff productivity has increased by over 35% in all areas of the business
  • We are closing 25% more new business opportunities as they never get overlooked and are followed up straight away
  • Invoices are getting out the door quicker making it significantly easier to give customers proof of completed works and speeding up cash collection

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