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"I thoroughly recommend ServiceTracker as the system of choice within the Pest Control industry. Once fully deployed, you will see a significant improvement in the way your business is managed."
Tim Sheehan
Director of Safeguard Pest Control
"This is a system where the skeleton works for all but you can easily add to it for your own whacky ideas. ServiceTracker gave us a perfect starting point for sales and a very good functional programme that could be implemented immediately for Service."
Graham Lodge
Beaver Pest Control

every step in the process…done

every step

the solution



ServiceTracker has been designed to meet the strict regulations set out by many governing bodies and associations.  This means everything is taken care of for you and kept up to date. Whether its GDPR and Security, Food Safety Standards, health and safety or industry leading customer policies, we have you covered

squeezed by regs

Working closely with our friends and associates in the Pest Industry has really set us apart from the rest.  We design and develop fantastic features based on recommendations from our customers. ServiceTracker really is designed by Pest Controllers for Pest Controllers

designed by pest control veterans


Why waste time and effort trawling through old paperwork and filing cabinets or running the risk of misplacing that all important Service Report that your customer needs ASAP. As ServiceTracker is a paperless, all-in-one solution with information at the touch of a button, you spend more time calculating your savings
paid jobs

buried under admin


Spend more time servicing customers, completing job work and winning more business now that the back-office essentials are taken care of.  With our customers reporting higher profits, faster sales, increased cashflow, less time on the road and more time infront of the customer

keeping you on the paid jobs


ServiceTracker will scale as you grow your company and we have worked with many businesses who started off with far less technicians than they have today and reap the benefits of success  without the hassle of technology



grow your money making workforce

We run a tight ship when it comes to security and compliance.  Our partners at have it licked and are the world leading cloud platform. Your data is in very good hands and is very secure, meeting and indeed exceeding data protection and GDPR standards

handles compliance

From quote to cash, ServiceTracker is the complete package, covering you and your people every step of the way, allowing you to run your entire business with complete control of each stage. You will delight your customers with your efficiency and professional approach to Pest Control

every step

every step in the process…done

So, the only question we have for you is… 

“when do you want to start making more money from your business?”

start making money from your business

"ServiceTracker enables us to work more efficiently and manage our workload, greatly improving customer service. We are now also paperless, from completing the service report right through to invoicing the customer"
Louise Crawford
Graham Pest Control
"ServiceTracker is a great application for both Pest Control and Bird Work. Saves us so much Administration time and allows us to focus more on customer satisfaction. Great customer service and very responsive to any questions and new features that we want."
David Van Vynck
Van Vynck Pest Control

When I was asked to review ServiceTracker, I saw enough to bring me out of retirement on the basis that this system WILL more than do the job and IS affordable.

Peter Priestley, Former President of the BPCA

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