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Customer Success Stories

ServiceTracker have worked with a number of organisations worldwide to revolutionise their business and operations. Read on for some of our customer success stories.


Tim Sheehan, Managing Director, Safeguard Pest Control

I thoroughly recommend ServiceTracker as the system of choice within the Pest Control industry. Once fully deployed, you will see a significant improvement in the way your business is managed. Here are some of the key reasons why:

  • Customers are kept informed at all times, are immediately aware of any issues on any of their sites and have full access to everything online
  • All staff have full visibility and control of work being carried out within each part of the business
  • Staff are happy -the system really works and is built for Pest Control
  • Surveyors know the status of all the quotes they are managing
  • Work carried out by the technicians get completed accurately on system and is available online immediately
  • Overall, we have seen a significant return on investment after bringing ServiceTracker into our business.
  • Staff productivity has increased by over 35% in all areas of the business
  • We are closing 25% more new business opportunities as they never get overlooked and are followed up straight away
  • Invoices are getting out the door quicker making it significantly easier to give customers proof of completed works and speeding up cash collection


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Paul Butterick, Company Director, Safeguard Pest Control

"For some time we have been striving to improve the accuracy of our reporting system. Our previous system of technicians producing manual treatment reports has been effective for many years; however we believed that with the constant evolution of technology; an opportunity to improve was out there. Our communications team worked closely with Service Tracker, using the Sales Force platform to create a bespoke paperless reporting system designed for our customers and company; and this was achieved. The result being an easy to use, cloud-based reporting system."

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Van Vynck Environmental

David Van Vynck, Company Director, Van Vynck Environmental

"Great application for both Pest Control and Bird Work. Saves us so much Administration time and allows us to focus more on customer satisfaction. Great customer service and very responsive to any questions and new features that we want."


Peter Priestley, Former President of the BPCA

I have been involved with the pest control industry for around 35 years and during that time I have never been able to find an operating system that could cope with the random nature of service delivery, give superb financial control, offer excellent online info for customers and be affordable to all.

I then retired believing that nothing could be developed that would do the job. However, when I was asked to review ServiceTracker, I saw enough to bring me out of retirement on the basis that this system WILL more than do the job and IS affordable.

Those of you that know me will know that I do not say this lightly, you should at least look at this system before deciding on a way forward for your business.
Peter Priestley

John Prowse

John Prowse, former CEO, Green Compliance plc

"Formulating a unified technology systems strategy became a prerequisite whilst acquiring 16 companies over two years. A top priority for me was to seek out a solution that gave leadership visibility to everything going on within the business which as a consequence then delighted our customers. Quite simplified, ServiceTracker is that systems solution.

Full CRM integration to the operational modules of the system meant forecasting revenue was effortless within ServiceTracker and enabled the Board to accurately predict growth trends. Operational leadership was able to run complex reports in seconds which identified how the field staff were performing. A key factor to improving performance levels was that the engineers and technicians were in touch with the office in real time through their mobile application. Profitability was easy to track. Finance ran ERP reports to determine margin at contract level, or even right down to the individual service.

I fully endorse ServiceTracker the application and the company. The Co-Founders, Nigel Sargent and Mike Day are experts in their field. Their skill is in engaging with you and truly understanding your business and they use this skill to customise their solution around your unique needs which puts you firmly in control."

Tony Beale

Tony Beale, Managing Director, Mayfair Fire Protection

The Fire industry's servicing systems solutions have been around for many years. They allow you to manage assets for all core services (extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting, etc), but these older systems do not give a fire protection business the ability to take full control of your business. ServiceTracker is different - it gives you full control.

Specifically built for the Fire Protection industry, ServiceTracker enables you to manage every aspect of your business. For me, the top three benefits are:

1. It's easy to set up the scheduling and frequency of assets requiring service. Full information on each service visit and individual asset is available to the engineer on his/her mobile. Each asset can be updated by the engineer in the field. Because it all happens in the cloud, the system is updated either in real time or when the engineer next has a data connection.

2. The sale of parts on a service can be invoiced very quickly, even if a customer needs to authorise it first. A signature is captured on the engineer's mobile which then creates an electronic service visit report. This report is held in ServiceTracker against the visit, can be emailed automatically to the customer, or made available to the customer on their own secure web portal. A compliance certificate can be issued automatically upon receipt of payment. All of this is SP203 compliant.

3. Engineer productivity can be easily managed. Geolocations ensure the closest engineer with the right skill set attends to a call out. Transit time, time on/off site are all captured. The sophisticated suite of reports and dashboards means you can easily calculate profitability.

Barbara Perry

Barbara Perry, Administration Director, Pest Free Environmental Services

"Our Pest Control business grew very quickly after four businesses were acquired in little over a year. In those early days, all four entities had their own systems and processes, none of them talked to each other and there were few controls in place.

ServiceTracker then came in and helped us to define a unified approach to managing our entire business process flow. The ServiceTracker system was the backbone to the solution. Both new and existing accounts are fully controlled within the contract management and service management consoles. The mobile solution ensures the field staff can complete their work even if they are offline. Everything syncronises with the cloud based platform. The administration and operational teams can see the overall State of Service at a touch of a button. Our customers are fully informed because not only can they log in to their portal to see everything we manage for them, they are also immediately alerted to any high infestation risks and notified of remedial action to be taken. Quotations and invoicing are easy to manage and query. ServiceTracker also talks to Sage, our finance system in real time.

I wholeheartedly recommend ServiceTracker to any Pest Control business, or indeed any service organisation who needs full control and management information at their fingertips."


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