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Pest Control Software

Having worked in the Pest Control Industry for many years and as members of the NPTA and BPCA, we understand the challenges that you face with software, scheduling, systems and processes.

How does ServiceTracker work for me?


ServiceTracker has been developed for the Pest Control Industry in line with BPCA and NPTA guidance. Our software and systems solution is built to comply with the highest industry compliance standards and protocols, including Food Hygiene, Food Safety and Environmental legislation.



Job and Contract Scheduling


With ServiceTracker you can keep track jobs, call outs, follow-ups, contract works, customer inspections, reduce the amount of paperwork, minimise field travel and gain benefits in route optimisation plus much much more.



Managing your State of Service


Our 'state-of- service' analysis is built into the system, site-by-site. Management knows instantly if treatments are overdue or if follow ups have not been followed through. Give your clients online access when satisfactory service levels have been reached. Clients can be alerted to high infestations and other high risk activities at the very moment the technician hits the button on our state-of-the-art mobile app.



Biologist Assessment Management


ServiceTracker is a complete Biologist assessment management tool featuring action management planning, inspection management, data repositories and comprehensive reporting. Reminders can be scheduled for any forthcoming assessments and updates can be performed via the ServiceTracker mobile application.



Action Plan of Significant Findings


Using the ServiceTracker contract management and scheduling features provides 360 degree visibility of all works orders and visit completion details, including inspection results & certificates and training records.

Inspections List


Signature Capture


Capture customer signatures directly from the mobile app and create electronic service reports.



Photo Capture with Tagging


Take as many photos as you need and link them to actions, inspections or visits. Tag any photo with a standard tag or free text.





ServiceTracker's reporting and analytics suite together with automated action management, email notifications and our customer portal mean you can ensure control measures are followed, there is complete conformance across the business and throughout customers' sites.



Review Meetings


Review meetings can be conducted at ease with ServiceTracker analytics and our inspection management / trending charts.


Project Management


ServiceTracker will manage any project and reactive works effectively from quotation to implementation and can be customised to meet your specific requirements.



Remedial Actions


Using ServiceTracker's assignment processes key stakeholders can take ownership of works orders, actions, escalations and visits. Management can control the assignment at every level.



Document Management


Document management is built into Salesforce allowing repositories for floor plans, emergency escape plans, fire strategy reports, health and Safety Audits and training records all of which are accessible via the customer portal.



Additional Features


In addition to conforming with the BPCA, NPTA and HSE guidelines, ServiceTracker offers a complete cross-platform, cloud-based asset management and inspection log book, including bar code scanning capabilities, replacing the on-premise paper based logbook. Using ServiceTracker's customer portal customers have visibility of their records at all times regardless of their location.

How ServiceTracker Works

How ServiceTracker works...