Removing footer in Salesforce Reports

Salesforce has started rolling out the Spring 14 release and it is expected to reach all Salesforce systems by the 3rd week of April. One of the features that have been added to the latest release is the ability to hide footers that are displayed in the exported salesforce reports.

Those using the standard salesforce reports would know that the exported xls or csv files had default salesforce footer at the end of the reports as shown below –


Until now, the only way to get rid of those footers was to contact support and request them to enable the remove footer permission. With the release of Spring 14, it is now possible to disable the footer directly from the user interface.

To do this go to Setup >> Customize >> Reports & Dashboards >> User Interface

Then you can Just select the “Export Reports Without Footers” option to disable salesforce footers in the exported csv or xls file.

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