People, Process, Technology (PPT) Three Elements for Successful business Transformation


When engaging with new or prospective clients, ServiceTracker has seen a huge focus on Technology alone when it comes to improving business performance and operations. Often the thought is “throw technology at it and things will get better” however in our experience this approach never works without a balanced focus if not more attention to both People and Process and subsequently “buy in” at all levels.

Ignoring the people aspect of any change initiative means that you do not get buy in to your shiny new system and almost all of the technology benefits are lost. Forgetting about process means the business is no longer aligned to your new technology and very quickly cracks will appear throughout the company and faith is lost.

Studies have shown that a large majority of business technology deployment efforts do not achieve their objectives and are not able to sustain themselves over the long term without following the PPT approach.

.Here is how ServiceTracker deals with this challenge.


  • We quickly identify stakeholders, champions, and potential opposition
  • We ensure continued stakeholder management, flexibility, and adaptability to changing needs
  • We adopt a constant improvement approach to ensure all stakeholders have bought into the change and feel a part of the journey


  • We embed ourselves into your business building up a partnership to identify challenges and solutions.  We are your in-house business system resource.
  • We gain an understanding of your business goals and objectives and make it our priority to be part of your culture
  • We create both short term and long term goals uniquely tailored to you. Whilst most of the journey has already been made and our systems are ready to go it is very important to understand that every customer is different.
  • We align your processes with technology to ensure all aspects of the business are covered and visually available to all stakeholders.
  • We streamline and validate the collection and data at all stages


  • Our technology strategy engages with your people and processes to support your goals
  • We continuously evaluate and improve our technology to meet new objectives and scale with your business as you grow
  • We clearly define the objectives laid out by the stakeholders
  • We define the benefits of our technology to our customers in quantifiable terms
  • We have countless metrics and systems of measurement at our disposal to monitor success and ROI
  • We assess your current technology environment to determine the best strategy of deployment

If you would like to know more about the ServiceTracker PPT approach or how you could benefit from using ServiceTracker and our many business services please get in touch now.

Call 033 022 31022 or email at info@servicetracker.uk.com



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