ServiceTracker Change Log


  • Ability to sort inspections on visit report by Reference, Location and Zone
  • Activity tab added to Visit Screen
  • Ability to add multiple Additional Resources (New button)
  • Defulted “Convert Action to Quote” record type to “Quote”
  • Added additional Visit Completion Date field for reporting
  • New internal notes field added to visits
  • New button to convert recommendation to Action
  • New Roll Up Summary to show the last completed scheduled visit
  • Next Visit now created from the last completed scheduled visit
  • Renamed Notes and Attachments tab to “Attachments
  • Renamed Next Visit tab to “Next Visits”
  • Added a date sort to the audit trail
  • Added Industry to the quick create screens
  • Locked down job scheduling on quick create to one job per conversion
  • New button to add multiple visits to a schdule (on the next visits tab)
  • Quick create Job screen updated to allow users to selec resources based on Skils
  • New Internal notes field added to schedules
Inspection Items
  • Added Site Area and sub site to the multiple inspection and edit screens
  • New process to add all inspection items to visits to avoid issues with over 200 inspections
  • Ability to print visit lists to PDF
  • Added industry to quick create
  • Defaulted to Parent Client to the record you are viewing when using quick create
  • Activity Tab added to Contract detail
  • Renamed Notes and Attachments to “Attachments”
  • Added new colours for On Stop / On Hold
  • New colours added for Aborted Visits
  • Changed headers on Month view to show Day Number
  • Changed 4 day to 5 day view
Prep/Waste Management
  • New tab created to view all prep/waste management records
  • Updated schedule description when converting quotes to pull though product detail, qty, location and description
  • Removed date validation from recurring invoices to allow future invoicing


  • New field for “Value of additional services required” to quickly show value of new works
  • New field to show if the previous visit was aborted
  • “Add Items to Schedule” option added to Schedule Summary Page
  • New field added for “Payment Method”
  • New field added for Payment Taken to show the amount taken for a Job
  • Summary for all Additional Services Required showing on the Schedule (Primarily for Jobs)
  • Updated next visit trigger to stick to the day requested for 8 visits per year
  • Rating added to Actions list in the ServiceTracker Module
  • Separated Quotes and Invoices into 2 separate areas on the client page
  • Additional fields available for Price increase function
  • Price Increase letters and email functionality
  • Price Increase Check functionality added to total the current and future values
Quote / Invoice
  • Site Contact filter added to initially select contacts related to the billing account
  • New functionality created to allow new customers to be created in Xero
  • Added Merge status to quotes and invoices
  • Changed layout of quick create screen to show related information at the bottom of the page
  • Added a new field “Schedule Type” on Alerts
Inspection Items
  • Added new field called “Sub Site”
  • Added new field called “Site Area”
  • Updated the calendar to hide inactive users form the drop down list
  • Changed date and time format of the Calendar to match user settings
Call Centre Booking
  • Added “New Contact” button
  • Changed the process to stop the call centre proceeding until they have selected or created a contact for GDPR purposes
  • Added the ability to update Client information form the new booking process
  • Updated the Availability page to show the day number


  • Default date formatting applied for Day and Month in Week and 4 day calendar views
  • New process added to update an additional resource visit due date if the master visit has changed
  • New process added to make an additional resource visit “Fixed” if the master visit has changed
  • Updated the existing additional visit process to allow for fixed visits
  • New field added to show who the additional resource is assisting
  • New feature to pull back the balance in Xero and show it against each client record (Xero users only)


Quoting and Invoicing
  • Merge Quotes and Invoices – Using a lookup record (Called “MERGE RECORD”, you can now transfer all line items from one record to another.
  • Create a quotation directly from an Action record
  • Create a call out, job or new event directly from the calendar by clicking in an empty space in the calendar and selecting the event type
  • 2 week swim lane view added to the calendar with AM and PM slots.  Click on the 2 week button to view the new screen
  • New feature added to inspections to allow web-users to mass update inspections in a list view
  • The “New Visit” button now shows the current time and date as a default
  • Quick Create screens are now more informative with site information showing on the entry screens and final screen for confirmation purposes
  • “Schedule Weekends” feature added to schedules to allow for weekend working. This now appears on all quick create screens
Visit Reports

  • The sort order for Attachments on the visit report has changed to name first then date
  • Added the ability to show all previous visits on a singe report (development required)
  • Added the ability to summarize visit information on a service report.  (e.g. “12 Routines, 4 Call outs, 3 follow-ups completed in the past year”)


Quoting and Invoicing
  • Convert Quote process changed to allow multiple line items to create multiple schedules
  • First page of quote conversion now allows you to select default options such as convert to work order (see screenshot below)
  • Confirmation screen changed on quote conversion to allow you to open the contract from the wizard



Quoting and Invoicing
  • The first screen of the Convert Quote now allow you to create multiple schedules against the same contract.  For example, you can convert each line item as an individual schedule for the contract
  • Set the inactive product validation rule to optional with a warning to stop any interference when making products inactive
  • Extended the limit of visits shown in the visit history tab on schedules
  • Set the inactive product validation rule to optional with a warning to stop any interference when making products inactive
  • Mini calendar now starts on a Monday



  • New notifications sent to technicians when records are deleted
  • Status field added to the Mass edit and create screens for inspection items
Quoting and Invoicing
  • Quotes and invoices now respect the currency and locale of your system
  • Currency symbol is now taken from your current locale
  • 3 new Customer Alert fields created to allow you to send alerts to customers based on a range of custom filters that you decide (Example, High Proofing Issue, Hygiene issues, temperatures to low, 3rd time there have been issues on a site).  You will need to speak to us about configuring this correctly
Service Reports
  • You can now sort attachments by date order in your service reports



  • Location added to conversion process, populated with the site information by default
  • Time allocation added to Job conversion process
  • **NEW** Week number and day number scheduling. Tick the “Retain Day/Week” field on your schedule to ensure all visits are scheduled for the same day each Month. (i.e. 2nd Tuesday of the Month)
  • Summary text added to quick create job, schedule, contract and convert screens to show the schedule setup
  • All product description text added to schedule notes on convert
  • Items covered added to conversion process
  • New “convert recommendation to action” button for administrators to create actions quicker.
  • Schedule on Hold feature. No visits sent to the mobile
Quoting and Invoicing
  • One click convert process. Now when you click convert in line items you are taken directly to the convert screen without having to click again from the Quote page.
  • New colour selection (added earlier this month) available in a sidebar popout
  • Week numbers added to the calendar
  • New 5 day view added to the calendar
  • Colours and text enhanced for better visibility
  • Event geolocation added to show location of each event



General enhancements
  • Enhanced Lookups have been rolled out to everyone which means you can now search any record using a range of filters.  Speak to us about how this is done
  • GDPR settings have been applied to allow you to prompt users when entering in new records.
Account Management
  • You can now create multiple actions from the Client Screen ready to push to the mobile or the customer portal
  • A new “On Hold” status has been added to the Client screen
  • New pick-lists have been added to the Client Attachments area so you are in full control of what appears in the drop down when creating a new client attachment
  • Now you can quickly create a call out via the Schedule screen for a one off call out.  This is as simple as clicking “New Visit” from the Next Visit tab on a schedule
  • There is a new Location field on the Schedule and quick create pages to allow you to use a specific location within a site and save you creating a brand new site each time
  • Quick create Job now updates the Contact name on the schedule if a new contact is created
  • A new Quick Create Schedule has been added to the sidebar so you can add new scheduled to existing Contracts quickly
  • You now have the ability to filter out the schedules in the Contract Detail page to hide inactive schedules and de-clutter the screen
  • Aborted Visits now appear in the visit list screens
  • A new overnight routine has been created to search and add/remove inspections to/from visits if missing.  This needs to be enabled for each customer so please get in touch for more information
  • When you click Complete from the visit screen you will be prompted to also “Inspect All Items”.  You can click cancel to leave these as pending or click OK to inspect all related items when closing a visit
Quoting and Invoicing
  • Converting quotes now pushes contact name to the invoice from the schedule
  • New summary fields have been created for All Open Scheduled Visits, Last Scheduled Visit Date, Total Scheduled Visits Completed this Year
  • A new field has been added to show how many days a visit is overdue.  This will help with true overdue reporting as it allows you to set limits (i.e. 30 days overdue)
  • New colour selection options added to allow you to show each user as a different colour in the Calendar



  • The “New Visit” Button on the schedule page will create a visit with the next scheduled visit date instead of a visit for “Today”.  You can always change this to today by clicking the date field but this saves thinking about when the next visit date should be
  • The Aborted Visit checkbox has been added to the Visit Lists on the Account Module and Schedule page
  • “Last Completion Date” is a new formula to calculate the last possible date the routine can be completed
  • “Last Scheduled Visit Date” is a new field that only shows the last scheduled visit. It excludes follow-ups and aborted visits
  • “Number of Days overdue” is a new field that gives you the number of days since the visit due date when a visit is still open. You can use this in reports to give you grace days (e.g. A visit is overdue if 15 days have passed since the due date)
  • “All Open Scheduled Visits” is a new field that shows the open scheduled visits.  It excludes follow-ups and aborted visits
  • Total number of aborted visits is a new field that gives you an idea of how many times you have been to site and have had to leave without completing the visit
  • You can now Add Multiple Actions to a Client Screen using the Add Multiple Button
  • A new Prompt has been added to inspect all items when manually closing visits from the visit screen
  • Now you are able to fully customise your Client Attachment Picklists to show the correct document type for your business
  • Events are now updated when a Resource is changed on a Visit
  • More address detail added to the search for Quick Create
  • New field for “Risk Area” added to Inspection Items
  • All Report Types have been updated with the above new fields


  • There is now an “Optional” check box for creating line items in a quotation.  We can separate option items from mandatory line items when quoting customers and have these appear in a different section (fig 1.0)
  • There is now a new quick create Nav bar which can be added to most screens but serves as a home page link if the side bar has been hidden (fig 2.0
  • The Setup screen has now been re-designed to provide you with access to custom settings and configuration.
  • The ServiceTracker Console has now been updated to only show the maps and visit lists
  • The ServiceTracker account module has been updated to show “Inactive/Complete” as an option



  • Update Visit Descriptions from Schedule Page.  This allows you to update the schedule notes and push them out to all open visits. (Fig 1.0)
  • Defaulted Time Allocation on Contract Quick Create to 60min
  • Uplift/Removal Visit Option for Visits. This allows you to create a final visit on a schedule (Fig 2.0)
  • Client Attachments and Filter added to the ServiceTracker module on the Client Page. This allows you to filter the Client Attachments by the Type (Fig 3.0)
  • Added Visit Report type to Client Attachments
  • Export All Service Reports button added to the ServiceTracker module on the Client Page
  • Report Types updated with new fields



  • Aborted Visits added as an extra item in the calendar (Fig 1.0)
  • Visit Type updated to Show Assisted Visits in the Calendar (Fig.2.0)
  • “Items Covered” added to quote conversion screens
  • “Time Allocated” added to Contract quick create screen
  • Ability to Clone Quotes with only non-converted products
  • Due Date added to Notify Operative Email



  • Removed the ability to search for inactive contracts and products in the quick create screens
  • ServiceTracker Client Module Buttons and Links (Fig 1.0)
  • New fields added to Quick Create Job to allow for Additional Resources (Fig.2.0)
  • New Field added to Calendar to add Addtional Resource to a Visit
  • Assisted Visit Flag added to Visit (Fig 3.0)
  • All Next Visit records link to the visit they were created from


Last Update 08/12/2017

  • Added Parent Client Functionality to Alerts. Now any contacts on a parent record can get alerts for all sites in a hierarchy
  • Added Billing Reference to Quick Create (This is used to integrate to your finance system)
  • Added a new check box called “Fix all Visits” to the Quick Create and new schedule screens. This fixes all new visits created (see fig 1.0)
  • Changed all automated visits to respect the time of the original visit or start date
  • New Custom Settings added for mobile to allow you to set photo quality and size (see fig 2.0)
  • Updated recurring billing trigger to include schedules if added on the initial or previouis invoice
  • Updated ServiceTracker Client Screen to only show tabs where there is information (see fig 3.0)
  • Update ServiceTracker Client Screen Contract Tab to show site name and schedule details (fig 4.0)
  • Added “On Stop” and “On Hold” Status and banners for Clients, Contract, Schedules and Visits
  • Added schedule to the automated invoice creation for Jobs when they are approved
  • New ServiceTracker Markers added to all maps
  • New buttons created on the Resource detail page for Booking Holiday, Office Visits and Sickness
  • Changed the default “Due Finish” date/time of any updated visits date to respect the time allocation of the related schedule
  • Added additional lookup fields to Schedules, Contracts,Visits and Actions via the Quick create Quote/Invoice screens to allow the relationships to be changed.
  • Added a process to remove Site Details, Contact, Version Number, Parent, P.O. Number and Billing Details when the Billing Account Changes on a Quote or Invoice
  • Added a sort order to all History tabs (audit trail) within  any ServiceTracker detail screen
  • Attachments added to quotations are now sorted by Name on the quote template
  • The Value field changed to Value (PA) on quick create screens
  • New vehicle mileage features added with rating etc (see fig 5.0)
  • Additional options added to Client Attachments and the ability to turn off the automation of Client Attachments (see fig 6.0)
    New tabs added to ServiceTracker setup screens to allow
  • access to custom settings
  • Schedule creation updated to stop any new visits being created if their date is past contract expiry
  • New filter added to Quick Create call out to stop incorrect sites being selected accidental.  Now it only takes sites within the contract billing site’s hierarchy
  • New Geolocation fields added for Journey Start, Arrival and Completion. This now takes the location at all staged of the visit
    Contract Price Increase script updated to allow for double characters (i.e. 10%)
  • Mass Invoice Buttons created for list views

Last Update 21/10/2017

  • Resource Location History enhancements – Now you can search for a date and the map will focus in on the last known location
  • Calendar enhancements – Significant changes to colours, bold text, rollovers and text size
  • Re-labelled “New Schedule” to “New Schedule of visits” on the schedule screen
  • Re-labelled “Remove Schedule” to “Remove Open Visits” on the schedule screen
  • Added a line of text to the bottom of the automatic alert email to manage expectations around attachments greater than 3mb.  This now explains that instead of an attachment, the receiver will be provided with a link so they can download the report.
  • New Site Alerts features added to the alerts section.  This now allows you to select the site and ensure that all completed visits will send alerts to that site
  • Aborted visit feature – When a technician marks a visit as aborted, the system will now close the visit and re-create the same visit for the same day.  The screen will show that the visit was aborted and the aborted visit is not added to the number of completed visits. This ensures that the state of service is correct.
  • Mass re-assign any related visits from a schedule view using the new “Update Visit Resource” button from a list view
  • Items covered added to the Quick Create Screen.  This can be used for pests covered, services covered or materials covered
  • Warning messages on the new Find Nearby feature to prompt for API Key – Please contact us to configure
  • Warning message added to mass create inspection item page to ensure all information has been filled in
  • Warning message added to alert creation screen to prompt for the correct information
  • Re-labelled any account reference fields to billing reference on all screens
  • Fixed issue where contacts on the mobile could not be edited as the permissions were not set
  • Fixed issue with duplicate visits being created if users edit a completed visit offline
  • Fixed issue with duplicate follow-ups being created if the user edits the follow-up date/time on a visit
  • In calendar view, null has been replaced with the name of the resource if the event is personal
  • Quick create apostrophes now taken into consideration when searching
  • Editing and Deleting records now returns you same record instead of the home page
  • Fixed issue with adding photos to actions with no assigned visit


  • Ability to create Alerts from the mobile
  • Draw Schematics on the mobile
  • Start Work and end work – New process
  • Automatic background sync when back online
  • “Personal” icon changed to “Events” for logging warehouse visits, tool talks etc
  • Mobile field added to Contacts
  • Prep/Waste added to Inspections
  • Default analysis selected when creating analysis
  • Prompt for Analysis when the activity found check box is selected
  • Mass entry screen for EFK analysis
  • Quick inspect options for all items – Tick a box from the inspection list to inspect
  • Fixed issue with opening visit attachments from the visit
  • Fixed issue with duplicate ids when creating inspection items on the mobile
  • Ability to search within inspections
  • Improved User Interface for Inspection lists

Last Update 03/10/2017

  • Custom Settings for Client Attachments – Copy all visit reports to the Client Attachment Area within the Client Screen
  • Push To Xero functionality – BETA
  • Default Analysis field added to all Inspection Items – This selects the correct default analysis on the mobile
  • Resource Location History
  • Fixed issue with multiple Follow-Ups being created
  • Fixed issue with missing follow-ups if entered after the visit has been completed

Last Update 07/08/2017

  • Visit Date added to Notification Email
  • Defaulted RAG rating to Green for Visits and Inspections
  • All Visit reports now shown in “Client Attachments” when created from a visit.  These are also visible on the Mobile
  • Download All Visit Reports from a Client Page to a Zip File -BETA

Last Update 12/07/2017

  • Added Contact details to Quick Create Job Screen when entering a new site
  • Enlarged the Area for Street address on all Quick Create screens to allow for multiple address lines
  • Added notes field and “Create Activity” checkbox on New Client quick create to log Price enquiries
  • Defaulted the Risk Rating on the Visit to green if there are no risks
  • Defaulted the Risk Rating to green for all actions with Low or no priority

Last Update 05/07/2017

  • New “Delete Selected” Button for Tasks and Events to mass delete from a list
  • New Mini Calendar Picker widget on ServiceTracker Calendar – Go directly to a date in the calendar at the click of a button
  • Contract Price Increase Functionality – Create a Contract View, select the contracts to increase and let the system update all related schedules with a percentage increase
  • Update on Find Nearest technician features now showing Tech Availability details at the bottom of the screen

Last Update 26/06/2017

  • Schedule Alerts tab added to ServiceTracker Account module on the Client Page to show all alerts related to given site
  • Ability to add Alerts directly from the Client page
  • New Button on schedule to “Update Visit Resource”.  This replaces the popup to prompt you to change the Visit resource when the system notices there is a difference
  • Site Address now automatically populated on Quick Create Quotation Screen
  • New Visit Summary field created to show “Work Completed on” date and “Next visit date” all in one field. This can be used for Reports, Treatment Reports and Finance integration

Last Update 13/06/2017

  • Changed spacing of the Quick Create side bar
  • Added Parent Billing Address functionality to quick creates
  • Updated Action page layout with inspection details tab
  • Updated complete visit button to take the due date and due finish date when pressed and add to completion dates
  • New relationship field added to Prep/Waste to link Inspections
  • Full print Calendar functionality with details
  • Updated Nearest Tech functionality with toggle details area
  • Added new functionality to Nearest tech to define radius’ for technicians and distances
  • Corrected issue with Fixed Visit Notes in Calendar
  • Changed Visited Link colour for Fixed visits in Calendar
  • Ability to invoice jobs on first visit or last visit

Last Update 03/06/2017

  • Inspection link added to Actions to view related inspection
  • Ability to add Multiple Alerts to Contracts and Schedules
  • Ability to edit multiple Alerts on Contracts and Schedules
  • Alerts now visible on Schedules, showing all related Alerts for the contract and schedule
  • Ability to add multiple alerts now an option for quick create
  • New GMAIL integration added on all Salesforce summer updates

Last Update 25/05/2017

  • Fixed Visit now in the manual allocation screen
  • Colour change to Public holidays in Calendars
  • Result history workflow changed to time trigger
  • Fixed Visits now showing on calendar
  • Time Zone update for Call Outs and Jobs (Quick Create)
  • Open records from the final screen of Quick Create
  • Open visits from Swimlane view

Last Update 10/05/2017

  • Quote version control
  • New tab for revisions
  • New Clone feature for quotes – New custom fields now cloned
  • New Print Report button
  • Planner Report to show swimlane view of all visits for 1 month
  • New EFK Analysis Report
  • Lone Worker Report (Lone Worker in Progress)
  • Inspections with Barcodes report
  • Mobile Printable Report Enhancements
  • Linked Items showing related site by default
  • Decimal places for quantities in Quotes and Invoices
  • Update to Alert creation in Quick Create
  • Limit Quote requested by lookup to the related site contacts
  • Contract Schedule Updated to Inactive when there are no more visits
  • Inactive Schedule Report (Schedules with no Next Visit) and dashboard component
  • When converting Actions to Quote the action now changed to “Quoted” and the “Quoted” checkbox shows TRUE
  • Action tab added to ServiceTracker Client Module (filter by open and completed actions)

Last Update 04/05/2017

  • Context driven Quick Create – Now details from any record screen are pre-populated in the quick create. i.e. Clients, Contracts, Schedules Actions and Visits
  • Exclude Weekends from Full Year Scheduling
  • Territory no longer mandatory for Clients
  • Ability to default the calendar to hide Routines on load
  • Mobile updates to printable report, filters, sync, documents and images

Last Update 25/04/2017

  • iOS v2.2.2 Mobile now available
  • Findings added to the completed visits popup in the calendar
  • New Show/Hide options for the calendar view
  • Ability to create Contacts from all quick create screens
  • Ability to create email alerts from all quick create screens
  • New Support Pages
  • Enhancement to Start of Day/End of Day personal events
  • Enhancement to the Documents folder on the mobile to allow URLS
  • New Quick Create Client Screen (includes contact)
  • New UI/UX for Quick Create and Console Screens
  • Nearest technician (BETA)
  • Updates to all validation rules to exclude field mobile users
  • Quick Create – Adding inspections on Jobs defaulted to FALSE
  • New fields added to Multiple Inspection Item create and edit

Last Update 14/04/2017

  • Added Full Schedule to Quote Conversion
  • Added Site Lookup to Quote Conversion
  • New “Close Visit” button for manual visit closure
  • Updated all Quick Create screens to use new Site and Address lookup
  • New icons added to quick create page
  • Find Nearby technician pilot created
  • Dynamic Mobile enhancements for Android and IOS

Last Update 06/04/2017

  • Updated Convert quote to take only the converted total over to the schedule
  • New button to Show/Hide Completed Visits in Calendar
  • New button to show/Hide Routine Visits in Calendar
  • Total Cost added to Line items
  • New Total Cost summary field for Cost sheets

Last Update 31/03/2017

  • Updated Quick create with new lookup window showing address and account reference
  • Added time to Quick create Job screen
  • Added Time allocation to quick create job screen
  • “Fixed visits” now showing on Calendar
  • Postcode now shown in calendar
  • Dynamic Totals shown when creating or editing quotes
  • Default values set when invoicing line items
  • Personal events available on dynamic mobile
  • New Quote features on dynamic mobile
  • Ability to add inspections on dynamic mobile
  • Documents now shown on dynamic mobile

Last Update 16/03/2017

  • New single line conversion text added to visit page
  • Inspection item automation date amended
  • New Mapping API custom setting added for all users -You may need to contact Support to generate a new API key for your company!
  • All Mapping updated with new API
  • Calendars updated with new MIME types

Last Update 02/03/2017

  • Removed the need for month selection when creating a schedule- this is now optional
  • Accepted date added to Quote/Invoice page
  • Pricebook added to Quick create call out
  • End date added to quick create contract
  • End date added to Contract Quote Conversion
  • Last 3 Inspection Results Shown (Result History field on Inspection Item)
  • Time selection added to Quick Create Call Out
  • Default Time added to all other quick create screens
  • Pricebook selection resolved for quick create

Last Update 28/02/2017

  • New validation rule on deleted visits to allow for re-opening
  • Version control field for Quotes
  • Conversion process update for single item conversions – Schedule Product name is now the single product from the quote
  • Quote Line items now show date converted and schedule number when converted

Last Updated 20/02/2017

  • Owner and Contact added to Quick Create Quote/Invoice
  • Quick Create screen validation updated to retain field data on error
  • Quantity now Mandatory on Line Items for Quotes and Invoices
  • Updated Quick Create Contract to remove description
  • Updated Print Schedule to only allow Active Schedules
  • Number of Alerts fields added to Visits and Contracts
  • Default Email and Quote templates
  • ServiceTracker iOS app for iStore (now available to download)

Last Updated 03/02/2017

  • Quick Create Client shortcut on the sidebar
  • Quick Create Quotation shortcut on the sidebar
  • More fields added to Quick Create Quote screen
  • Added reference to line item page entry on a quotations (for reordering quote lines)
  • Email Quotation Template and new email button added to quotes
  • Visit Number added to the subject email of the Automated Report for alerts
  • Updated scripts for Alert Sending against multuple visits for the same contract
  • Added “Who” column to the Quote/Invoice History tab
  • Resolved issue with follow-ups not creating offline
  • New Summary section added to the visit page to show admin options and summary
 Last Updated 23/01/2017
  • Updated Mapping Query to remove inactive users from the Map

Last Updated 18/01/2017

  • Inspection Item detail added to Action Quote Conversion (where applicable)
  • Bounced Email address no longer effect Alerts with multiple recipients
  • Dynamic Mobile Updates (Please get in touch for more information)

Last Updated 20/12/2016

  • Visit Schedule Printing – You can now select a data range and print off an estimated plan of visits anywhere between now and the next 5 years
  • Converting Prep/Waste to Inspection Items – We now have the ability to create inspection items directly from any Prep/Waste added to a visit.  This means that field users can capture new assets on site ready for an administrator to check and create.
  • Adding Events to Contracts – You can now create an event against a contract which means Contract renewal reminders, review meetings and any contract related meetings will show up in the calendar and as a reminder


Last Updated 14/12/2016

1. Part Invoicing – You can now select the line items you would like to invoice from the list and also the value you would like to invoice on each line
2. Schedule Start Date Blank – We have removed the default start date when creating a new schedule to avoid confusion
3. Amendment to Job Flow to add Inspection items and billing account – You can now create an inspection item and select/add a billing account when creating a Job using the Quick Create
4. New checks on report generation – We now check for visit parameters before creating the service report
5. Update to Full year schedule – Amendments have been applied to make full year scheduling more efficient
6. New Open Visits formula – New field to show the number of open visits on a schedule
7. New dashboard for visits due next 90 days
8. Sort Quote and Invoice Line Items – You can now re-sort the invoice and quote line items
9. Create Quote from Actions on a Visit – New feature to quickly create a quote
10. Create Quote from Prep/Waste on a Visit- New feature to quickly create a quote


Last Updated 13/07/2016

1. Ability to Sort Inspection item lists (Edit, Insert)
2. New fields added to the visit screen
3. Quotation Requests via Actions
4. Convert an Action into a Quotation
5. Quick Create Invoice from a Site/Account
6. Setup/Installation Visit Feature
7. Aborted Visit Functionality
8. New Visit button for quick follow-up and additional visit creation
9. Email an Action to any email address
10. Contract Review / Expiry Emails and Reminders
11. Minor Changes in this release

Last Updated 06/06/2016

1. Use billing Account for Site in a Call Out
2. Assign Via Territory on Quick Create
3. Additional Prep and Waste Fields
4. Visit update pages
5. Visit and Action Risk Flags
6. Updated Support Pages


Last Updated 03/05/2016

1. Calendar Views
2. Convert To Invoice from Work Order
3. Create Actions from Line Items in Convert Process
4. Customer Portal Work-Flow Update
5. Site Contact in Quote


Last Updated 16/4/2016

1. Save Quotation as Attachment

2. New Convert Quote Process

3. Creating Work Orders

4. Synchronizing a new Work Order with a Schedule

5. Delete Validation for Schedules with Completed Visits

6. Mass Create Alerts for Jobs and Contracts

7. Minor Updates


Last Updated 16/03/2016

In this release

1. PriceBook Added to Quick Create
2. Select only from PriceBook added to Quick Create
3. Reference for Line Items
4. Calendar – Public Holidays
5. Inspection Start Date
6. Recurring Invoice Amendments
7. “Remove Selected” Buttons
8. Delete from Visit List
9. Active Filter Settings on Line Items
10. Restrictions on Schedule items and Inspections
11. Fixed Location, Start of Day and End of Day for Resources
12. Visit Reports Added to Related Content for Mobile Users
13. New v1.5.5 ServiceTracker Mobile App

Please contact ServiceTracker for more information and a copy of the full release notes


Last Updated 16/02/2016

In this Release
1. ServiceTracker Calendar Update

2. Completion Date Planning

3. New Customer Portal Fields and Improved sharing

4. Improved Multi-Inspection item insertion

5. Reset Schedule back to 1 of X

6. Update to the Schedules Report Type

7. More Report Types added to ServiceTracker
1. ServiceTracker Calendar Update
To improve the functionality of the ServiceTracker calendar and ensure that the data-set displayed has no limitations when loading, we have re-developed the calendar to show only the month in view at any given time. When navigating the calendar you will notice that it refreshes when you move from month to month. This helps with the loading of big data and ensures no errors are shown if the data set is over 15MB

2. Completion Date Planning
A bug was found with regards to the Completion Date next visit planning as it was taking the due date and adding the interval. If you select Completed as the schedule from date, the system now picks up the arrival time of the visit instead of the due date.

3. New Customer Portal Fields and Improved sharing
To improve and speed up the way in which portal records are shared with external users we have added additional fields to the Client and Contract/Job Screens. You will need to setup Sharing rules when creating a new portal user (see reference _rules.htm&language=en) but essentially in future you will only have to enter a sharing reference against the Client to share all related Contracts, Schedules and Visits with a range of portal users.

3.1. In the Setup area of ServiceTracker, create Sharing Rules for Clients and Contracts to allow a range of records to be shared based on a predetermined reference. i.e. The Client Name
3.2. Access any related Sites (you can also create a view to do this en-masse) and enter the Portal Reference to all records you wish to share and select the portal sharing rules (Manual or Automatic)
3.3. Go to the contract (you can also create a view to do this en-masse) and tick the Share Via Portal box to allow this to be shared via the sharing rules

4. Improved Multi-Inspection item insertion
To ensure that there is no confusion when inserting multiple inspections the save criteria has changed so that you must add a frequency to the line before it will save. This overwrites the previous validation of the location which may not always be entered.

5. Reset Schedule back to 1 of X
To reset the visit numbers back to the start of the year we have introduced a new field called Reset Visit Numbering. You can tick the box to go back to the start of the year in terms of the visit numbers and this will then only take into consideration visits completed in the calendar year moving forward.

6. Update to the Schedules Report Type
We have amended the Schedules report type to allow all visit and schedule fields to be reported on.

7. More Report Types added to ServiceTracker

  • Contracts with Schedules, Visits and Inspections
  • Inspections
  • Resources with visits
  • Resources with Events


Last Updated 20/01/2016

In this Release

  1. Site Alert Banner
  2. Site Address added to Calendar Popup
  3. New fields added to the Next Visit and Visit History Tabs
  4. Contract Visit Mapping


Site Alert Banner

With the new ServiceTracker Site Banner you are alerted immediately if it has been made inactive and has an associated Contract and Schedule that is also inactive.  More work will be carried out on this banner in a future release so that you can add your own important notes and that they will appear here.

Site Address added to the Calendar Popup

The Site Address has been added to the Calendar popup on all views to provide more information on the visit and its location


New Fields added to the Next Visit and History Tab on the Schedule


To provide a quicker overview of a forthcoming visit or visit history, new fields have been added to the list views on the schedule screen.

Next Visit detail will now show the number of items to inspect on any given visit which allows you see any visit with no items.

The visit history tab now shows the actual completion time rather than the due date, the number of items that have been inspected, the actual time on site and a link to view the service report without having to click into each visit.

Contract Mapping

Together with the existing Job, Follow-Up, Resource and Call Out Mapping, we have now added the ability to show all contracts on a map. This is currently in BETA which means we are still finalising some of the features but you can now see your entire portfolio via the mapping tools, click on each contract to view the next visit and the number of visits and also go directly to the site from the map.


Last Updated 17/12/2015

In this Release

  1. Client Calendars
  2. Long Notes added to Notification Email
  3. Enhancement to the Auto Schedule Function
  4. Postcode Prefix field added for reporting
  5. Primary Quotation Field
  6. Portal Sharing Ref
  7. Bug fixes
  8. Minor Changes

Client Calendars

You can now view the ServiceTracker calendar based on any selected client with the new feature and button “Open In Calendar”, available on the client record.  This will limit the view of the ServiceTracker calendar to only show you the client you have selected.

  1. Go to a client record and click the “Open In Calendar” button
  1. View the Calendar as required only viewing the Client requested for more accurate scheduling and visibility, thus removing all other client records. You can still use the navigation features and user selection as usual.

Long Notes added to Notification Email

The notify operative button, accessed via the visit screen to alert operatives of new visits now displays all information from the Description field on the visit, not just the short notes.  This means you have over 13000 characters in which to type and send.

Enhancement to the Auto Schedule Function

The Auto Schedule button (accessed via any Visit list view) has been amended to take into consideration the skill required for the visit together with the Territory. This means that selected visits can be auto-assigned to technicians in the same territory and who hold the same skill required as the corresponding visit.

Postcode Prefix field

To aid in reporting and territory realignment a new field for Post Code Prefix has been created upon request. This field can be used to create reports and views and to re-assign technicians to visits and schedules

Primary Quotation Field

A new field has been created on the Contract/Job detail screen to show the related ServiceTracker Quotation for easy access, reporting  and auditing. You can enter the primary quotation number when converting a quote to a contract / job or once the contract / job has been created.

Portal Sharing Ref field

To simplify and speed up the sharing process for contracts/jobs within the customer portal we have added a new field called Portal Sharing Ref.  You can choose to enter a sharing ref into any number of contracts that you wish to share.

You can use this instead of clicking the sharing settings for each contract/job then having to manually assign each user to each record and this is especially useful for larger sites

This field should then be used with the Salesforce sharing rules where you can share records based on the Portal Sharing ref to any number of portal users.

Bug fixes


  • Added Recommendations to the Alert trigger as this was not firing when recommendations were created
  • Corrected the auto inspection trigger as items were not being created against visits due to a cross-reference issue

Minor changes



  • Added the Billing Account name field to the Quotes/Invoices layout for reporting purposes and view creation
  • Added Product field to the visit detail layout for reporting purposes and view creation
  • Added Skill required field to the visit detail layout for reporting purposes and view creation
  • Added new Inspection item fields to the Schedule items layout for reporting purposes and view creation


Last Updated 07/12/2015

In this Release

  1. Schedule Items
  2. Schedule Invoicing
  3. Automated Job and Call Out Completion
  4. Automated Job and Call Out Invoicing
  5. Creating and sending visit reports
  6. Manual Visit Closure and Re-Opening Visits
  7. New Alert Banners
  8. Site Deactivation


  • Schedule Items

Schedule Items have been introduced to allow for more accurate inspection completion.  In previous editions, all Inspection Items were added to each visit when they are due regadless of the type of visit.  In the latest version you can now add individual inspection items to a schedule so that the associated visits will only pick up the relevant items when due.

You will need to add the inspection items to the site, selected them as part of the schedule setup by clicking the item list and the visits will automatically pull through the items when they are due.


  • Schedule Invoicing

In the latest release, you can now invoice directly from a Schedule.  In previous editions you were only able to invoice from a contract which meant call out invoicing and one-off jobs associated with a contract were not easily identifiable.

This also allows for invoicing automation when call outs and jobs are completed.


  • Automatic Job and Call Out Completion

In the latest release a job or call out is automatically set to “Complete” when there are no further visits to complete.  Used in conjunction with reports this allow you to see all of the call outs and jobs that are outstanding.

  • Automatic Job and Call Out Invoicing

A number of new fields have been added to the Schedule screen together with workflows , status changes and validation to allow for automated invoicing directly from the schedule.

These areas follows…

  • O. Number – The purchase order number specifically for the job or call out
  • Invoice Description – The text that will appear as the invoice line item description
  • Auto Invoice – This needs to be ticked to allow the invoice to be created when the Invoice Status is set to “Accepted”. Do this when creating the schedule initially.
  • Invoice Status – This will be set to “Schedule Complete” initially when the visit is complete ready for reporting. A manual check has been introduced so that the invoice status can be set to “Billing Query” if there are any issues or “Accepted” if the job or call out can be invoiced.
  • Billing Query Information – This field is required if the Invoice Status is set to “Billing Query” and provides a detailed description of why the invoice cannot yet be produced
  • Schedule Invoiced – This will be ticked when the invoice has been created


When the invoice status is changed to “Accepted” the invoice will be created automatically from the Schedule.

  • Creating and Sending Visit Reports as PDFs

To allow for multiple report creation and the ability to create a PDF report directly from a visit and send it via email, a new feature has been added to the Preview/Email Report screen.

Users can now select from a list of available reports  (if your administrator has created them) and save them as an attachment to the visit ready to be emailed directly from the system.

The works in conjunction with the existing email functionality which allows you to select an email address from the available contacts in the alert screen or type in an email address then send all the attachments in one go.


  • Manual Visit Closure and Re-Opening Visits

All work-flows have been removed server-side on the visit status to allow for visits to be re-opened and to avoid conflict with updates coming in from the mobile.  In previous editions the visit would be set to complete as soon as there is a completion date on the visit. The benefits of allowing manual override are that there is more control over visits by the office user to re-open and complete visits ad-hoc.

To manually complete a visit (if required) you now need to ensure that you enter the completion dates on the results tab and also change the status to “Complete”

To re-open a visit you can now remove the dates and change the status back to “Open”

  • New Alert Banners

New alert banners have been added to warn of expired contracts  and inactive sites.  When a Contract End Date is in the past the banner will appear.


If the status of the Site is “Inactive” then the banner will appear on the site record.


  • Site De-Activation

A new field has been added to the site record for “Status” changes.  When a site’s status is changed to “Inactive” a popup will appear alerting you that there are contracts and schedules associated with it.  By accepting the notification message, all associated contracts and schedules will be made inactive and any open visits will be removed


Last Updated 12/11/2015

In this Release

  1. Visit Re-allocation
  2. New Line Item Functionality
  3. The return of the Schedule Value
  4. Discounts for line items
  5. Sort Order for Inspections
  6. Initial Visit Number
  7. ServiceTracker Support Tab
  8. Training Videos
  9. Lamp Replacement dates for EFKs
  10. Coming Soon…
  • Visit Reallocation

A new button has been added to the next visit list on the Schedule detail page to quickly re-allocate visits without having to open them individually.

Clicking the new Re-Allocate button displays an editable list of open visits ready for re-allocation.

  • New Line Item Functionality

When line items have been created for Invoices and Quotes, it was not obvious where to edit the pricing and descriptions.

New functionality has been added to take you directly to the line item edit page when you hit Save meaning you no longer have to click the relevant tab, select the items then hit the edit button.

  • The return of the Schedule Value

Functionality deployed in the October release made creating a schedule even easier as the schedule value was taken care of with the use of pre-defined products and price-books.  The feedback we received was that there should be a choice of whether to use the defined pricing or overwrite it from the outset.

You now have the option of leaving the Value field blank to automatically use the product and price-book pricing or enter your own value directly from the schedule creation page.

  • Discounts for line items

A new discount field has been added to the line item page layout allow for a percentage to be applied to a particular item if required.  This percentage is taken off the total line value when saved.

You can also apply an uplift on the line item by using a negative discount i.e. “-10%” increases the total line value by 10%

  • Sort Order for Inspections

New functionality has been added to the Inspection items section on the to allow you to sort items in a relevant order.  This has also been applied to the mobile to ensure technicians get through their inspections quickly and in a logical order.

You can edit the sort order at any time by using the “Edit Selected” feature from the Client record screen

This then shows the item in the order in which you have stated.

  • Initial Visit Number

The Initial Visit Number field has been added specifically for routines that have been created mid-way through the calendar year and for users who prefer to organise visits by Calendar year instead of schedule year*

You can now enter the initial visit number which will then be taken into consideration when viewing the number of visits remaining for the calendar year.

*Calendar year runs from January to December whilst the schedule year runs from the day the schedule starts until the same date the following year.

  • ServiceTracker Support Tab

A new ServiceTracker support tab has been added to the application which gives you quick access to training videos, self-service support, the support blog and the ServiceTracker community.

  • ServiceTracker Video Tutorials

New Video tutorials have been created as part of our training and supporting documentation suite which give you information on creating records, using the features of ServiceTracker, best practices and how to get the most out of your ServiceTracker system

These can be accessed via our Support Tab or directly from our website

  • View report directly from the Visit screen

You can now view a report directly from the visit screen with the new “View Report” link

The report can still be accessed via the Preview/Email Report button however this is quicker and allows the report to be viewed with one click from the detail or a report

  • Lamp replacement date

You can now select the “Lamp Changed” Checkbox from an EFK inspection which then shows in the item the last Changed date

This feature still needs to be applied to the mobile for optimum usage however, administration teams are able to show lamp replacement dates for auditing purposes

  • Coming Soon…

Lamp Replacement and next lamp replacement dates for EFK applied to Mobile

Additional Resource field for visits that require support

Quick Create Screens for Clients and Call Outs



Last Updated 08/10/2015

In this Release

  1. Calendar Corrections (Completed Visits, Completed Dates)
  2. Visit Report preview screen and email
  3. Report “view” feature from the Client Screen
  4. New Analysis functionality
  5. Mass Update Assignments for Visits
  6. My Actions List on the home page
  7. Additional fields for Quotations
  8. New Line Item Features for Quote / Invoice
  9. Added “Modified by user” to the History Sections
  10. Record Alerts
  11. Client Attachments
  12. Standard Documents
  13. Localised Map Settings
  14. Vehicle Management
  15. Coming Soon…
  • Calendar Corrections

Completed visits were showing in the calendar as the date they were scheduled and not the date they were completed.  This has now been amended an all completed dates appear correctly on the calendar.  In addition to this, when looking at a single user view the colour of routine visits was not correct. This has now been resolved in this release.

  • Visit Report preview screen and email

A new button at the top of the visit detail screen allow you to view all auto-created visit reports and email them to customers directly through the system.  This feature is available to customers who do not want to use the automated email alerts or require re-prints of service reports.

  • Report “view” feature from the Client Screen

A new button in the visit list of the client screen allows you to preview the service report with a single click. This link is also available via the customer portal and allows access directly to the most recent service report.

  • New Analysis functionality

A new feature of both the mobile and web console is the ability to record analysis on inspections. Users are now able to record Bird Analysis, EFK analysis and Water Hygiene related analysis such as chlorination results.

  • Mass Update Assignments for Visits

To reallocate visits to new technicians there are now 2 ways to do this in ServiceTracker.

  1. Change the Schedule Owner in the schedule screen and you will be prompted to change all open visits. Clicking OK will allocate ALL open visits to the new schedule owner
  1. Click on the Visits tab at the top of your screen and create a new view.


  1. Enter the schedule number into the filter to ensure that you are only looking at the visits.
  2. Once the view has been created you can then click the new “Manually Allocate” button at the top of your new view to change the resources and dates of any selected visits.
  • My Actions List on the home page

To manage actions that technicians have assigned to you (e.g. Order new Log Book), there is now a new “My Actions” page that will appear on the home page.  This will show you any actions you have outstanding.

  • Additional fields for Quotations

New fields have been added to the Quote screen to allow you to enter free text which will be displayed on a quote template. The new fields are “Introduction”, “Findings”, “Areas Covered by recommendations” and “Recommendations”

  • New Line Item Features for Quote / Invoice

To simplify the quote and invoice process and allow for quicker line item entry there is now a new multi-insert line items screen.  This can be found at the top of the line items tab on a quote / invoice page.  You have the ability to enter a line item and a quantity and the system will select the price and the description from the associated product and price book.

This information can be edited by selecting the relevant line items and clicking the new “Edit Selected” button.  You will then be able to edit the line item description and values

  • Added “Modified by user” to the History Sections

Another element has been addedto the History (Audit trail) section of each object to show the person who modified the record.

  • Record Alerts

A new feature has been added to the Contract, Schedule and Visit screens to show the high level status and details of any related visits.  If a contract or schedule is made inactive this can clearly be seen from the new record alert section.  A schedule will show the next visit date and the current visit position.

  • Client Attachments

A new client attachments section has been added to the client record to separate the Notes and Attachments with the actual site specific documents.  This area can be seen on both the mobile and the customer portal.  A document can be uploaded to this area by clicking the new “Add Attachment” button within the list

  • Standard Documents

A new standard documents tab has been added to ServiceTracker to allow documents to be shown via the customer portal.  You must first upload documents to the ServiceTracker Documents folder then expose the Standard Documents via views which will then show any related documents in the list.

  • Localised Map Settings

To allow for the mapping to be localised when loaded, new fields have been added to the organisation page which will take the geolocation of the office and open the map at that location. This provides an enhanced view of the map when loaded from the ServiceTracker console.

  • Vehicle Management

A new Tab has been created within the ServiceTracker application that allows administration users to manage company Vehicle records directly within the system.

Clicking on the new Vehicles tab gives the user access to Vehicle specific views, indexes, printable screens and the ability to enter a new vehicle.

Using the New button, an administration user can create a new Vehicle record including the registration, make, model, colour, driver, lease type, lease company and renewal date.  This screen is the first step in managing vehicles through ServiceTracker.

Once a Vehicle record has been created, maintenance records and documents can be added to the vehicle including the date of issue, cost, type, description, warranty flag and physical attachment all in the same screen.

This information can be seen in a list view under the vehicle’s main record for ease of access and monitoring.

All information can be reported on using the ServiceTracker reports function showing all repairs, all servicing details, all lease agreements and more

Reminders can be set for renewals using the Activity management screens and Tasks that will alert users when a particular record is due to expire.

Insurance Documents and vehicle specific documents can be stored within the Notes and Attachments section of the vehicle screen.

The Vehicle Audit trail will show any movements or changes to the vehicle fields.


  • Coming Soon…

Lamp Replacement and next lamp replacement dates for EFK

Additional Resource field for visits that require support

Initial Start Date field for Schedules to ensure the current visit number is accurate

Walk Order for Inspections to ensure the mobile user has the correct order for inspections

Support Tab for logging support calls and viewing open tickets

ServiceTracker Tutorial Videos

Quick Create Screens for Clients and Call Outs