Pest Management Systems for your customers

Pest Management Systems for your customers

Customers are becoming increasingly tech savvy and are expecting real-time access to data to enable them to manage pest activity on their sites.



Technicians with ServiceTracker complete each Treatment Report on their mobile and it’s available to customers immediately online

The system records individual actions linking them into a plan of works.  Customer teams and internal pest management teams can then easily prioritise the work that needs to be carried out

At all times customers can see an overview of all sites, where the problems are, who is assigned to rectify them and when the action is due to be closed off

How does it work for me?

  • Visibility of sites’ Open Actions and Outstanding Visits
  • View Completed Visits and Inspections
  • Create and Manage Actions
  • Visibility of Inspection Analysis (EFK and Bird)
  • Visibility of Quotes and Invoices
  • View and print all Site Visit Reports
  • Content Management and Document Libraries


EFK Reporting and Trend Analysis

  • Quantities of pest activity are captured electronically for each catch tray on each inspection
  • Trends are then plotted and accessible in graphical format, online through the portal and within reports
  • Threshold limits can trigger an action to be created for further investigation


  • Bait Station Management
  • Action Management
  • Communication and Escalation Reports
  • eLog Books


Paperless log books are available for all your sites through one secure log-in, giving you access to:

  • Risk Assessments, Method Statements, COSHH Assessments
  • Summary and Detailed Treatment Reports
  • Highlight Reports for any problem sites
  • Audit trail of all remedial action taken
  • Customisable Reports and Dashboards


Sophisticated Data Analysis Tools



Risk & Compliance


Come talk to us about ServiceTracker and how we can give your customers access to their pest management data in real-time.  Our systems are designed with customers in mind every step of the way.

Deploying ServiceTracker within your business will not only increase your internal productivity, it will delight your customers.  Particularly your BRC customers and multi-site customers where management information is critical.


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A picture paints a thousand words – visualising your data for better understanding with ServiceTracker Reports and Dashboards

A picture paints a thousand words – visualising your data for better understanding with ServiceTracker Reports and Dashboards

This statement is very true and no more so than when you’re trying to figure out the best way to present your business data to both your customers and internally within your teams 



With unfathomable amounts of new data being created daily, modern pest businesses are trying to take advantage of as much valuable information as possible. This information can then be used to refine internal company processes to improve productivity, and to more successfully enable customers to make key business decisions using their own data in graphical format.

However, as more and more data is captured and analysed, it becomes increasingly difficult for pest businesses to accurately gain a succinct overview of what that data is telling them.

Here’s an example for you on how ServiceTracker reports and dashboards can significantly help your business.  How much time do your admin teams currently have to spend deciphering the technicians’ check lists after completing BRC visits, typing it into Excel and then creating graphs from the data?  We know how time consuming this is which is why this is all automated within our reports and dashboards. All your technicians have to do is type the analysis data into their mobile and the customer can see the graphs straightaway.


But how can I use all the information captured to improve the productivity of my internal teams?

ServiceTracker is already packed with reports which your Service Managers amongst others will love.  Managing State of Service just got a whole lot easier. You’ll know exactly how a technician is progressing with their routines just by looking at these reports.  There’s absolutely no need to ask the techs to come in with all their cards any more!

Report List

Timesheets is another great example of a report that can easily be automated and emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.  All you have to do as a manager is to ensure the techs click “Start Work” on the mobile at the beginning of the day, complete all their visits during the day and “Finish Work” at the end of the day.  You will then have a fully fledged automated timesheet for your whole team

Plus, you can create new reports at the touch of a button – or just ask us to create them for you if you prefer.  If the information is being captured, it can be reported upon in any way you wish!


So Dashboards make everything more visual right?

Yes that’s correct. Every pest business that comes onboard at ServiceTracker gets all the great Salesforce Reports and Dashboards out of the box.  A dashboard is simply a visual report that offers a solution. By condensing multiple reports down into visuals, such as graphs, charts, tables, and metrics, and displaying those visuals on a single page, analytics dashboards allow business decision-makers to review significant amounts valuable information at a glance.


Do you want to know more?

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Integrate your accounting system with ServiceTracker

With so many systems required to run your business you may find yourself having to enter billing data into both your operational and accounting systems.  This is not only doubling or tripling the effort you need to devote to this task, it is also leaving you exposed to potential for error. 

This article shows you how integrating your accounting system with ServiceTracker will dramatically improve the efficiency of managing this key business requirement

finance systems

What’s the scoop? 

Many pest businesses manage their accounting function through Sage 50, but more and more businesses are now turning to popular cloud-based packages such as Xero and QuickBooks. We have become experts in integrating all three systems to ServiceTracker!

This article looks at how your business can benefit from the integration between your accounting system and ServiceTracker. Not only will it make your whole billing system more efficient, saving you money, it will free up time to allow you to focus on growing your business.

Is the management of billing and accounting becoming more of a challenge for your business? 

A lack of integration increases the human intervention needed to complete the invoicing process. This increases administrative tasks and makes it more likely for human error to occur as data is transferred from one system to the next.

By integrating your systems, your customer receives the type of service they’ve come to expect; fast, reliable and secure as well as improving your efficiency and profit margins.


 How do we solve this business challenge? 

By implementing an integration between ServiceTracker and your accounting system, data entry errors are eliminated and the effort required to manage this function is reduced significantly. This allows you to get your invoices out to customers in a timely manner and improves your cashflow.

Using Xero an example, you can simply change the status of an invoice in ServiceTracker and it will automatically appear in your Drafts folder in Xero. You just need to approve it and email it to your customer.  Also, Xero talks back to ServiceTracker where you can see the Xero invoice and any balance outstanding on the ledger.


 How easy could life be? 

The time spent creating your invoices will be reduced to just a few clicks as all the necessary information has already been captured in ServiceTracker when you originally took on the contract or job.   Data entry errors will be a thing of the past!

We’re here to help you improve the efficiency of your business so please do come and talk to us!

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Connect with your subcontractors on a whole new level

Do you partner with Subcontractors or third party providers to service your customers?

If you currently partner with subcontractors and strategically placed third party field technicians to service your customers on a regional or international stage you have probably faced challenges with obtaining paperwork, viewing job completion notes, identifying follow-up actions and managing your combined state of service on more than a few occasions.

You may be thinking about expanding your business reach and are looking to out-source some of your services and partner with other providers who have optimal geographical coverage or can offer additional services, but you are wondering how it can all work without the headaches of keeping tabs on your workload or sharing information via numerous phone calls, follow-ups and emails.

Drowning in paperwork

On the other hand you may already be a subcontractor to your partners, offering a fantastic service but struggling day in day out to obtain the correct work orders and paperwork to get the job done, or information is simply not transferred correctly causing a whole host of communication breakdowns and service delivery challenges. Put simply you are looking for a better solution for your business and for your partners to ensure the job gets done as smoothly as possible with all of the information you need at your fingertips

This is where ServiceTracker can really help you

ServiceTracker, the service management solution for the compliance industry is built on the #1 CRM software as a service platform “”. Together we delight our customers with the very latest technologies and bleeding-edge service management features to help them manage their businesses effectively and monitor all customer activities seamlessly. 

Our goal at ServiceTracker is to provide all of our customers with the ability to manage all of their business interactions in one single location without having to dip into multiple systems to track day to day activity or run reports.

From marketing & sales management, contract management and service management to field mobile systems, invoicing, customer portals, electronic paperwork and full analysis of every piece of data captured, ServiceTracker really does have everything you need in one place.  

Holistic View Large no Icons


Manage all of your business interactions in one single location

Sticking to our goal of managing everything in one place, one such feature of ServiceTracker and is the “Salesforce to Salesforce” connectivity which can allow multiple ServiceTracker systems to talk to each other and pass information seamlessly to one another as if they were one single system.

Salesforce to Salesforce makes it easy for businesses using ServiceTracker to share records and get updated data on any shared records in real-time. For example, you can share service and contract data with your partners and collect job completion details the second they are completed.



Salesforce to Salesforce lets your business partners easily integrate your data with their Salesforce records. You can see all of your sharing activity, manage your entire state of service, share data across multi-tiered partnerships, and integrate your business processes with updates received from your partners using workflow and assignment rules.


What does this mean for my business?

With Salesforce to Salesforce you can finally manage all of your subcontractor interactions effortlessly and keep on top of your state of service just like you are managing your internal teams.  All work completed is passed directly back to you in seconds for action planning, follow-ups, billing and with your own branded paperwork sent electronically to your customer when the job is complete.  You can manage time on site, travel times, subcontractor billing, the effectiveness of your partners and control all of the data by turning the sharing on and off as required. Say goodbye to missing paperwork, chasing phone calls to find out how a job is getting on, finger in the air pricing for partner work and say hello to managing every interaction in one single location in real-time giving you all of the information you need to run your business effectively.



Where do I start?

If you already use ServiceTracker and want to connect with other ServiceTracker users then there is very little setup to do and you can be up and running within a matter of minutes, sharing information with your partners in no time at all.  You can speak to our support team to help you manage the process from start to finish when you are ready.

If you do not yet use ServiceTracker or want to encourage your subcontractors and partners to use ServiceTracker for seamless integration then speak to us now on 033 022 31022 or email to find out the best way to get up and running with us and being a part of the ServiceTracker single system solution.     



033 022 31022 | email

How can a CRM system benefit my business?

How can a CRM system benefit my business?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a technology used to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. A CRM system helps organisations build customer relationships and streamline processes so they can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

When people talk about CRM, they might mean any of three things:

CRM as Technology: This is a technology product, often in the cloud, that teams use to record, report and analyse interactions between the company and users. This is also called a CRM system or solution.

CRM as a Strategy: This is a business philosophy about how relationships with customers and potential customers should be managed

CRM as a Process: Think of this as a the system a business adopts to nurture and manage those relationships.



sales management


How is CRM relevant within Pest Control?

In many ways, CRM is the start of everything we do in terms of the interactions we have with our customers and potential customers. Imagine the scenario where lots of enquiries are coming into the office.  Your office staff will be doing their best to ensure all the relevant information is gained from the potential customer and a promise is given over the phone to say that a surveyor will be in touch with them shortly to book an appointment and come in and see them.  How are you managing this interaction in your office today?  Perhaps the important information is jotted down in a notebook and a call is made to the surveyor or the details are put on an email.

Maybe you have a shared spreadsheet that is kept on the server in the office which is supposed to be updated with all new sales opportunities.  Be honest now – does this process really work for you?  Do you feel confident that all enquiries are followed-up and that no decent opportunities for new business have slipped through the net because no-one got back to the potential customer in time?  Maybe as the manager responsible for sales, you’re not sure what the surveyors are quoting or a problem has arisen which you could have helped sort out if only you knew what was going on out there.

This is where a CRM system comes in.  It will give you:

  • a method of managing your customers
  • complete 360 degree client view
  • helps you to find client and site information quickly
  • enables you to view all touch points of communication and history
  • tracks sales team members’ scheduling and gives activity reminders
  • tracks sales productivity ensuring sales opportunities don’t fall through the cracks
  • monitors and tracks individual and team performance
  • creates branded quotes in PDF format which can be automatically emailed to customers
  • allows you to create a quote on your mobile and for the customer to sign on the mobile straightaway, emailing them a Service Agreement
  • reduces duplication of work


sales dash


What does CRM software do?

CRM software improves customer relationship management by creating a 360° view of the customer, capturing their interactions with the business, and by surfacing the information needed to have better conversations with customers.

The CRM system organizes this information to give you a complete record of individuals and companies, so you can better understand your relationship over time.

At its simplest level, CRM software records customer contact information such as email, telephone, website, social media profiles, and more. When it is connected to an end-to-end system that is designed specifically for the pest control industry, it becomes very useful indeed!

ServiceTracker Pest Management Systems

ServiceTracker is built on the Salesforce platform so it has all this world class CRM functionality we discuss above already built in. In a nutshell, you get the world’s most powerful CRM in addition to an end-to-end system designed by pest controllers for pest controllers




In future weeks, we will be giving you more information about how ServiceTracker can help manage and grow your business more efficiently.

If in the meantime you would like any further information, please


033 022 31022 or


ServiceTracker & The Contract Sharing Network (CSN)


Featured in the BPCA Professional Pest Controller Magazine Issue 96 July 2019, the following article provides details of the Contract Sharing Network (CSN) and highlights the reasons why ServiceTracker was selected as the system of choice to manage all shared contract data and connections. Director and Co-Founder of ServiceTracker Mike Palmer-Day explains how ServiceTracker was able to successfully connect their customer’s systems together using and advanced portal & mobile technologies:



Contract Sharing Network celebrates national contract

 Your association | PPC9 August 2019

The Contract Sharing Network (CSN) was officially launched at the BPCA PestEx 2017 and since then has been limited to small groups of contracts and pigeon proofing jobs.

In April 2019, a significant step was taken in that L’Occitane agreed to use the CSN to source approved suppliers across the UK.

Led by Beaver Pest Control, the national contract is fulfilled by Beaver Pest Control and ten other local BPCA member companies.


The CSN is a BPCA membership benefit overseen by seven BPCA member volunteers. It comes complete with a Code of Conduct, a proactive Quality Assurance System and a reactive complaints procedure.

This all means that like-minded member companies will offer an honest, reliable and quality service across the UK.

With this national win, the committee now believes that the network can pick up the pace with the 90 members across the UK and offer a credible alternative to traditional suppliers.

The benefits are numerous, including a single point of contact (primary contractor) with the regional subcontractor delivering a knowledgeable and personalised service.

This will fit in with sustainability policies of larger buyers, while supporting and empowering local economies and communities.

Software to connect the network

Over the last two years it has become apparent that if the CSN is going to offer a national service, then the reporting systems need to be uniform.

For this particular contract ServiceTracker has proved successful, as Radu Asavei at Beaver explains:

“The requirement from the CSN was to come up with a centralised portal where service providers can share treatment data with the main contractor, as well as the customer. Essentially we needed to find a way of connecting the three categories of stakeholders to facilitate data exchange on multiple levels and in all directions.”

“As with (mostly) everything else nowadays, everybody needed to be connected to everybody, without compromising the security and integrity of the data, and also accounting for the commercial and privacy issues.”

As ServiceTracker is part of the cloud and is already used by some members of the CSN, it was relatively easy to identify the common records and fields that needed to be shared.

By creating connections between the members’ Salesforce accounts the members are essentially editing each other’s data while the record owner is keeping total control of what records and fields are shared.

Not all CSN members are using ServiceTracker [as yet], and so the members had to design, test and deploy an additional Salesforce [ServiceTracker] Communities Portal. ServiceTracker allowed them to plan treatment visits in advance and essentially create ‘empty’ visit records, ready for the technician to edit and update while on site.

The CSN Communities Portal is a streamlined version of the ServiceTracker system, offering access only on the visits allocated to the logged-in subcontractor, and with a user-friendly interface, making extensive use of pre-filled fields, dropdown lists, and buttons that help technicians enter accurate data effectively and with great ease.

The system also captures client and technician signatures and produces standard treatment reports that are then automatically emailed to clients.

Both office-based staff and field technicians have access to past treatment records to help maintain high service levels and customer satisfaction.

All the standard information required upon completion of a visit is easily captured: pests found, materials used and quantities, recommendations, works carried out as well as pictures taken while on site.

Mike Palmer-Day from ServiceTracker said:

ServiceTracker to ServiceTracker is a simple way for many Pest Control businesses to share contracts with each other and receive updates immediately as visits are modified and completed. Our customers can choose to share customer and schedule information with their partners and contractors for them to plan, update and complete in their own ServiceTracker organisations, ready to send back to create the finished report (custom branded to suit).”

“Business partners and contractors can easily integrate visits with their existing ServiceTracker records and the control is always with the you as the record owner to show & hide information.”


“With ServiceTracker to ServiceTracker you can view all of your sharing activity, manage your entire state of service across multiple regions, share data across multi-tiered partnerships, and integrate all of your business processes with updates received from your partners using workflow and assignment rules.”

Companies not on this platform can still report in other ways, either through the ServiceTracker portal or other CRM systems.

Looking to the future

Robert Harris of Harris Associates said:

At the heart of every expansion plan is the methodology of how you’re going to deliver that growth. The CSN allows contractors to take work, such as through tendering, and service areas in which they don’t currently operate.”

“Being a part of the CSN could mean picking up work from companies that don’t service your area. The beauty of this system is that it is under the BPCA umbrella, so you know it’s well thought through and that you’re not going to be let down.”

“It also gets contractors working as a team to win bigger contracts.”

The CSN is very excited about the future of the network and continues to look for similarly-minded companies to become members as either primary suppliers or secondary suppliers (subcontractors).

The next step will be to promote the CSN so that potential buyers are aware and to share more success stories with BPCA members.

What CSN members have to say about the network

“It’s very exciting to see a project that was developed by the Servicing Committee actually take shape and be implemented. This first national contract is proof that when members work together they are stronger than the sum of their parts. This is great work from the CSN team, well done!”

Philip Halpin, Countrywide Environmental Services


“At PPC Live and Regional Forums, we try to put aside some time for those in the network so we can meet face-to-face and swap business cards. The network is open to all BPCA servicing members so if you’re interested in working with other like-minded companies, it would be great to have you!”

Luke Taylor, LK Pestaway


 “The CSN has proved to be a fantastic framework, allowing us to connect with like-minded companies where trusted working relationships can be forged. It allows collaboration on bringing together the skills and geographical reach to deliver professional, quality services throughout the UK. This has allowed us to find reliable partners that we can trust to look after the needs of some of our clients. We have also been able to reciprocate by helping other companies in their delivery of quality service. The networking and sharing of ideas have seen many of the companies benefit beyond the scope of shared contracts. It has been a fun learning experience to be part of this group, working and collaborating together.”

Chris Cagienard, Pest Solutions


“Two years on and the CSN is still proving to be an invaluable resource to us. We currently have four pest management service agreements running with network members. We couldn’t be happier with how the system is running. We have three more in the pipeline and are looking forward to building on the current working relationships we have in place and looking for new partnerships in other areas of the UK.”

Martin Rose-King, Bounty Pest Control


To read the full article and more from PPC96 click here or to get in touch with us to find out how you can connect your ServiceTracker system please call 033 022 31022

New customers can receive a 30 day no obligation free trial by visiting our website

Meet our latest superstar!

Please give a very warm welcome to the newest member of the ServiceTracker team, Zoila Garman!

Zoila joins ServiceTracker with an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience in Software Development, Graphic Design &  IT and studied Applied Software Engineering at Cardiff University.

As a Software Analyst & Developer, Zoila will be providing support, customisations, enhancements, technical reports, graphic design and much much more.



Zoila is fluent in Spanish and, in addition to being a first class IT professional, is also an extremely talented musician and has released a number of tracks on Google Play which can be found using the link below

Check it out!

It is an absolute pleasure to have Zoila on board and part of the growing ServiceTracker family

Full Time Systems Support Analyst, Caerphilly


ServiceTracker is a growing software provider and Salesforce CRM partner currently seeking an Systems Support Analyst to join our team.  We are located in the Welsh ICE Innovation Center in Caerphilly where we work alongside a community of many other growing businesses.

This is an excellent opportunity for a technical customer service professional to expand their career. You will be working alongside us and with our customers on ServiceTracker, our operational and management application for blue-collar service industries.

The right person will have a willingness to work with the latest technologies and make a contribution to the business from day one.  Our application is built on the platform. We will give you first class training and professional development to enable you to succeed in your role and become an IT professional.


Key skills needed for the role:

  • Experience working within a technical customer service role, preferably within a SaaS / B2B environment dealing with customer requests and bugs;
  • Possess a genuine relish for troubleshooting and problem-solving complex puzzles;
  • Have the ability to think on your feet, learn a complex product inside and out, and discover creative methods to resolve customer issues;
  • Demonstrable experience troubleshooting and documenting replication steps for complex technical issues, while collaborating with our developers to ensure resolution.
  • Experience supporting, troubleshooting, and assisting with development of desktop applications and web application integrations;
  • Familiarity with modern support ticketing or CRM solutions within technical customer service environments.


The ideal candidate for this role will have excellent communication skills in addition to good verbal and written skills who is a natural-born evangelist with infectious enthusiasm.  With our ambitious company goals you will help create new technology and enhance your skill-set whilst working with some other exceptional team members!



A competitive salary comes with this position, dependent upon experience + life cover, pension, 25 days holiday.

Apply now to us or request further information on this excellent opportunity: | | t: 033 022 31 022

ServiceTracker Britannia House, Caerphilly Business Park, Caerphilly, CF83 3GG


The 3 most important elements for successful business transformation

People, Process, Technology (PPT)


When engaging with new or prospective clients, it is clear that most businesses focus very heavily on Technology alone to improve their business performance and operations.  There are so many products offering to streamline and revolutionise  your business, without mentioning that it is still down to the people behind it to make it work on a day-to-day basis and it is the defined processes that ensure it is used properly.

Often the thought is to throw technology at a problem and things will improve straight away, yet there are stories of failed projects where the “system just didn’t work for us” or it was “not aligned to our business processes”.  Without a balanced focus on these 3 key areas you simply cannot ensure a successful implementation of any new system and subsequently you do not get “buy in” at all levels.

Ignoring the people aspect of any change initiative means that you do not get the level of user adoption that you need to ensure your shiny new system is used to its full potential, and almost all of the technology benefits are lost.

Forgetting about the processes behind your system usage means the business is no longer aligned to your new technology and very quickly cracks start to appear throughout the company. Ultimately, trust is lost and engagement is at it lowest, meaning you start to regret putting a new system in place and start looking elsewhere for another solution to once again alleviate the pain.

Studies have shown that a large majority of business technology deployment efforts do not achieve their objectives and are not able to sustain themselves over the long term without following the PPT approach.


Here is how ServiceTracker deals with this approach from the very start of the deployment planning.


  • We quickly identify stakeholders, champions, and potential opposition
  • We ensure continued stakeholder management, flexibility, and adaptability to changing needs
  • We adopt a constant improvement approach to ensure all stakeholders have bought into the change and feel a part of the journey


  • We embed ourselves into your business building up a partnership to identify challenges and solutions.  We are your in-house business system resource.
  • We gain an understanding of your business goals and objectives and make it our priority to be part of your culture
  • We create both short term and long term goals uniquely tailored to you. Whilst most of the journey has already been made and our systems are ready to go it is very important to understand that every customer is different.
  • We align your processes with technology to ensure all aspects of the business are covered and visually available to all stakeholders.
  • We streamline and validate the collection and data at all stages



  • Our technology strategy engages with your people and processes to support your goals
  • We continuously evaluate and improve our technology to meet new objectives and scale with your business as you grow
  • We clearly define the objectives laid out by the stakeholders
  • We define the benefits of our technology to our customers in quantifiable terms
  • We have countless metrics and systems of measurement at our disposal to monitor success and ROI
  • We assess your current technology environment to determine the best strategy of deployment


If you would like to know more about the ServiceTracker PPT approach and how we have helped business like you all over the UK and beyond, please get in touch

Call 033 022 31022 or email at


ServiceTracker announce the appointment of a new Communications Director

ServiceTracker, cloud-based service management solutions, are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dominy Palmer who joins ServiceTracker as Communications Director with immediate effect.


Dominy will be responsible for developing and maintaining solid, strong and lasting relationships with new and existing customers and will be heading up all of ServiceTracker’s marketing  and online communications activity.

Dominy has a wealth of knowledge and experience with customer success, event and project management and studied English language and Communication at Cardiff University.

“I am really excited to be joining ServiceTracker and look forward to meeting our customers. I am extremely customer focused and believe passionately that customers should be at the heart of our business.  ServiceTracker already has a fantastic reputation with our Clients and my job is to ensure that we have a consistent level of customer excellence both with our current clients and for those who are yet to come on board.”

Please do join us in giving Dominy a warm welcome and I am sure you will be speaking with her in the very near future.