A picture paints a thousand words – visualising your data for better understanding with ServiceTracker Reports and Dashboards

A picture paints a thousand words – visualising your data for better understanding with ServiceTracker Reports and Dashboards

This statement is very true and no more so than when you’re trying to figure out the best way to present your business data to both your customers and internally within your teams 



With unfathomable amounts of new data being created daily, modern pest businesses are trying to take advantage of as much valuable information as possible. This information can then be used to refine internal company processes to improve productivity, and to more successfully enable customers to make key business decisions using their own data in graphical format.

However, as more and more data is captured and analysed, it becomes increasingly difficult for pest businesses to accurately gain a succinct overview of what that data is telling them.

Here’s an example for you on how ServiceTracker reports and dashboards can significantly help your business.  How much time do your admin teams currently have to spend deciphering the technicians’ check lists after completing BRC visits, typing it into Excel and then creating graphs from the data?  We know how time consuming this is which is why this is all automated within our reports and dashboards. All your technicians have to do is type the analysis data into their mobile and the customer can see the graphs straightaway.


But how can I use all the information captured to improve the productivity of my internal teams?

ServiceTracker is already packed with reports which your Service Managers amongst others will love.  Managing State of Service just got a whole lot easier. You’ll know exactly how a technician is progressing with their routines just by looking at these reports.  There’s absolutely no need to ask the techs to come in with all their cards any more!

Report List

Timesheets is another great example of a report that can easily be automated and emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.  All you have to do as a manager is to ensure the techs click “Start Work” on the mobile at the beginning of the day, complete all their visits during the day and “Finish Work” at the end of the day.  You will then have a fully fledged automated timesheet for your whole team

Plus, you can create new reports at the touch of a button – or just ask us to create them for you if you prefer.  If the information is being captured, it can be reported upon in any way you wish!


So Dashboards make everything more visual right?

Yes that’s correct. Every pest business that comes onboard at ServiceTracker gets all the great Salesforce Reports and Dashboards out of the box.  A dashboard is simply a visual report that offers a solution. By condensing multiple reports down into visuals, such as graphs, charts, tables, and metrics, and displaying those visuals on a single page, analytics dashboards allow business decision-makers to review significant amounts valuable information at a glance.


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Integrate your accounting system with ServiceTracker

With so many systems required to run your business you may find yourself having to enter billing data into both your operational and accounting systems.  This is not only doubling or tripling the effort you need to devote to this task, it is also leaving you exposed to potential for error. 

This article shows you how integrating your accounting system with ServiceTracker will dramatically improve the efficiency of managing this key business requirement

finance systems

What’s the scoop? 

Many pest businesses manage their accounting function through Sage 50, but more and more businesses are now turning to popular cloud-based packages such as Xero and QuickBooks. We have become experts in integrating all three systems to ServiceTracker!

This article looks at how your business can benefit from the integration between your accounting system and ServiceTracker. Not only will it make your whole billing system more efficient, saving you money, it will free up time to allow you to focus on growing your business.

Is the management of billing and accounting becoming more of a challenge for your business? 

A lack of integration increases the human intervention needed to complete the invoicing process. This increases administrative tasks and makes it more likely for human error to occur as data is transferred from one system to the next.

By integrating your systems, your customer receives the type of service they’ve come to expect; fast, reliable and secure as well as improving your efficiency and profit margins.



 How do we solve this business challenge? 

By implementing an integration between ServiceTracker and your accounting system, data entry errors are eliminated and the effort required to manage this function is reduced significantly. This allows you to get your invoices out to customers in a timely manner and improves your cashflow.

Using Xero an example, you can simply change the status of an invoice in ServiceTracker and it will automatically appear in your Drafts folder in Xero. You just need to approve it and email it to your customer.  Also, Xero talks back to ServiceTracker where you can see the Xero invoice and any balance outstanding on the ledger.


 How easy could life be? 

The time spent creating your invoices will be reduced to just a few clicks as all the necessary information has already been captured in ServiceTracker when you originally took on the contract or job.   Data entry errors will be a thing of the past!

We’re here to help you improve the efficiency of your business so please do come and talk to us!

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