ServiceTracker Award Winning Service Management Solutions!

On Friday 18th November, ServiceTracker attended Wales’s most hotly contested and prestigious business awards ceremony, hosted by BBC’s Jamie Owen.  We were up against some well established and truly amazing finalists but in the end there could be only one winner, so we are very pleased to announce that ServiceTracker came home with the Trophy.

ServiceTracker Award       cbfa14-logo         Award

The Innovation award recognises and rewards an IT initiative that can demonstrate an innovative new product, solution or service that has delivered measurable benefit for business users or customers in areas such as application development, e-commerce, hosting, or web-based services.

ServiceTracker are honoured to receive the award for Software Innovation at the CBF Awards and be recognised for our service management products and services.  We look forward to the opportunities that this recognition will bring us in the near future and thank the Caerphilly Business Forum for a fantastic night

A huge thank you also to all of our customers who have helped us to develop ServiceTracker into the system it is today and continue to enhance the software with all of their superb ideas.

Top 7 challenges encountered by a growing Service Management Business

We have spoken to many Service Management companies over the past 3 years and have created a list of the top 7 challenges faced with systems and process and ultimately the difficulty in managing a  service management business.

Top 7 challenges encountered by a growing Service Business

  1. Controlling State of Service
  2. Customers need more information (especially trend analysis)
  3. Customers need ‘real time’ information
  4. Field staff areas difficult to control, hard to measure productivity
  5. Ensure that invoicing is done rapidly
  6. Increasing filing capacity (work reports)
  7. Increasing cost of updating log books

Together with the process challenges and information gathering headaches, we also identified some of the complex system challenges which are not solely limited to Service Management but are relevant in many businesses across the UK.

System Challenges

  • Many different systems to do the job
  • The software doesn’t talk to each other
  • Constant double-keying of data
  • Lost information
  • Missed billing, lost quotes
  • A maze of information
  • Wasting time searching
  • Too much paperwork

Now it was time to put ServiceTracker to the test to see if we could overcome some of these challenges faced by the Service Management Companies we spoke with and resolve the issues and headaches.  Firstly we outlined the benefits of using just 1 system to tackle the system challenges.

Benefits of using 1 complete system

  • Improve responsiveness to your customers
  • Save time planning and completing jobs
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improve quality of management information
  • Reduce or even eliminate paperwork
  • Connect with remote monitoring systems

Then we got down to business and took on each challenge one by one, starting with the business and operational challenges…

Top 7 Solutions for a growing Service Business when using ServiceTracker

  1. Real-time state of service = no missed or overdue visits
  2. All visit data captured  (especially trend analysis) complete with pictures
  3. Real time’ customer information (electronic reports and portals)
  4. Simple territory management & productivity reporting
  5. Rapid invoicing as soon as the job is complete
  6. All data in one place, searchable and accessible in seconds
  7. No more paper log books to keep up to date. Everything online

Then there were the system benefits…

ServiceTracker System Benefits

  • One system do the job of many
  • All departments and processes connected to each other
  • No double-keying of data
  • No lost information
  • No missed billing or lost quotes
  • A wealth of information at your fingertips
  • No wasting time searching
  • No unnecessary visits to the office to collect or drop off paperwork

But we didn’t just stop there as there was so much more to more to shout about…

  • More Visits Completed (avg 8 per month per tech)
  • More Business (average growth of 37% year on year)
  • Better communication (customer portal and mobile notifications)
  • Better management (calendars, GPS mapping, reporting)
  • Better visibility (Assets, Resources, Equipment)
  • Faster Cash Collection
  • Faster Visit Completion (mobile technology)
  • Faster Reporting (automatic electronic reporting)
  • Save on admin Time (around 14h per tech per month)
  • Save fuel Costs (save approx. 9% per month)
  • Save travel Time (around 17h per tech per month)

In summary, using ServiceTracker resolved 100% of the top challenges faced by the companies we met with and provided huge ROI and other benefits that were not considered at the time of the survey.  We know that a system such as ServiceTracker; doing the job of many non-integrated systems, providing all of your information in one place, tacking on every single one of the challenges you face with systems and process is good for business.

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ServiceTracker At PestTech 2016


ServiceTracker had a fantastic time at PestTech 2016 yesterday. We hosted a break-out session in the morning entitled “Pest Systems that truly manage your business” which brought in an above average crowd and allowed us to demonstrate the power and benefits of using one system to manage your entire business.  The slides can be found on slideshare by clicking here

We also held an exhibit for the entire day where we were able to demonstrate the complete system capabilities including mobile solutions, mobile printing capabilities (through our partnership with Brother), fleet management (through our partnership with TomTom) and route planning (through our partnership with Maxoptra).

PestTech2016 PestTech2016-2

Around 200+ companies came to see us directly throughout the day and we had a overwhelming amount of interest in our software solution. We look forward to following up with you all in the next few days and would like to thank you all for your time and interest.

Thank you also to Adam, Julie and the Team at the NPTA for hosting such a great event and being very responsive and helpful throughout the day.