Run your business from your smart phone

Analytics Mobile


It feels like it happened overnight, but you really can run your business from your mobile with ServiceTracker. Using just your phone you are able to see all the key metrics for your business, all the quotations in your pipeline, how your service team are doing, what your customers are doing, the state of service, the wins, the renewals, the trouble areas and much more.

While the Cloud is fuelling faster innovation, the smartphone is the pioneer in our connected world. With more than 6B smartphones in 2020 The Mobile Revolution is giving all of us far more power than a computer in the mainframe age, right in the palm of our hand. This shift is changing the way society interacts and does business.

Source: 6B smartphones by 2020-

Your customers are highly mobile and so should you be. Part of getting closer to your customer than ever before, is freeing up your business to take place wherever you are. The phone has more power than anything now and it should be 100% connected to your business, and more importantly your customers.

Using ServiceTracker and, your customers can access customer portals directly on their mobile, log incidents and actions directly through the mobile, check their state of service, conformance level and view visit reports, next visits.  Your customers can interact with you anywhere, anytime.

Your technicians use ServiceTracker mobile to complete service visits, obtain signatures, take pictures of services,  order parts, create actions, print or send service reports, get access to the most up-to-date service information and stay in constant contact with the office

Your Sales teams use Salesforce1 mobile to update forecasts, enter new prospect information, gain access to the most recent sales documents, log calls, create quotations and send information directly to the the customer or prospect without even leaving the room

Management teams use mobile to check the state of service, run reports on individuals, get an overall picture of the business, view sales, view new contracts and gain access to every piece of information in the ServiceTracker system.


To find out how ServiceTracker can help you and your customers go mobile please contact us on 03302231022

Scalable Systems with ServiceTracker

ServiceTracker and Salesforce

For the last sixteen years has been a cloud computing pioneer and evangelist. Their mission is to help the world shift from mainframe to client-server, to the Cloud. This shift to cloud computing has triggered more innovation in the form of a new Technology Model and New Business Model. ServiceTracker follow the exact same same principles with our cloud based Service application built on the platform.

We have chosen to partner with for the following reasons.

  • There is no hardware or software to buy, manage or maintain
  • A subscription model allows our customers to buy as need grows.
  • Automatic upgrades mean that our customer can stay focused on their business
  • Constant innovation allows us to deliver a future proof solution to our customers
  • Innovation is very very fast
  • Customisation is rapid and extremely scalable
  • Salesforce is the Most Trusted Enterprise Cloud for Security, Availability & Performance
  • Salesforce is the Worlds #1 CRM solution

The advantage of the Salesforce multi-tenant cloud is that it is the fastest way for your business to scale, the fastest way for you to innovate and it offers continuous improvement to security, availability and performance. No matter the size of your company, these benefits are all yours. This multi-tenant infrastructure becomes especially powerful when coupled with the Salesforce scalable metadata platform which allows you to completely customise your instance of ServiceTracker and have those customisations protected when we, or Salesforce upgrade our code.

Our success is directly dependent on the success of our customers and it is important that our customers can grow with us, as the value proposition increases. We at ServiceTracker have all the resources that customers need to succeed (people and technology) and our business model is built on 100% commitment to your success.

The ServiceTracker subscription pricing model exists so you can pay and go based on your own satisfaction. ServiceTracker have access to a global customer success team focused on the success of your systems in your company, and a broad ecosystem and community to help you get the most out of the system whatever your requirements.

We know technology is not enough, we have to be personally committed to your success, and that is what we do at ServiceTracker!

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Success with the ServiceTracker Customer Portal


Customer Portal

I’d like to take you on a journey to show you how you can connect with your customers in a whole new way, increase the size of your business, save money, win new contracts and exceed customer expectations all via the ServiceTracker Customer Portal.

A brief history….

Computers have evolved from connecting us through thousands of mainframes to billions of devices.  In this third wave of computing or the “Internet of Things”  we are connected to each other and devices like never before.

In the first wave of computing, companies used mainframes and terminals across thousands of computers. Then we moved to the second wave of computing — client server computing – where millions of PCs existed on networks.   But today, we’re entering into a third wave of computing, the most exciting wave of computing ever because everything is becoming connected.  It’s not just PCs, but it’s smartphones, tablets, products, sensors, watches – almost anything can be connected.   In fact, over 75 billion things will become connected by 2020,  and this has lead to Trillions of customer interactions.

What I love about my job is that the technology I develop and use is constantly changing and we are now in a world where everything is becoming more and more connected.  Many people call this the internet of things, but I look at it as simply an opportunity to connect with our customers and our customer’s customers in a whole new way; an “Internet of Customers”.

Some companies are pivoted to their competitors, some are pivoted to their shareholders, and others focus on their internal organisation, but ultimately, companies need to pivot back to the customer. To become customer obsessed, customer focused, customer driven, “Customer Company” you need a platform fit for the future!

ServiceTracker have worked with for the past 6 years to bring you a leading end-to-end business and operations solution; incorporating Field Service Management, Contract Scheduling, electronic visit completion, GPS tracking, automated document sending, invoicing management and much much more.

In addition to this, using the world’s most trusted and innovative enterprise cloud, we can now take your customer connections to a whole new level using the Salesforce Customer Community Cloud

Now you can give your customers a personalised experience of your entire business through the ServiceTracker Customer portal, available on any device, anywhere in the world at anytime and provide them with real-time access to;

  • Your Standard Company Documentation (MSDS, Risk Assessment etc)
  • Visit Completion Reports
  • Recommendations and Action Plans
  • Quotations and Invoices
  • Dashboards and Reports for any data captured
  • Trending and analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Site Management
  • Automated Email Alerts
  • Online Payment Features
  • Review meetings and contract renewals

This reduces the time spent on customer information requests as it gives your customer access to information 24/7 whenever they need it.  Your customer’s audits are completed with ease and 100% compliant and further to this, your customer portal is a chance for you to provide a means of marketing to existing customers at every opportunity.

The great thing about working with Salesforce is that our portal is completely changeable to meet our customers needs quickly offering each and every customer a different experience and showing them only what they are interested in and more if they can imagine it.

We have already helped many of our customers to succeed using the ServiceTracker Customer Portal. If you would like to know more about our Service Solution or Customer portal please get in touch on 033 022 31022 or email to


Customer Success Story from Safeguard Pest Control, part of the Orkin group

Safeguard        Orkin

Tim Sheehan, Managing Director, Safeguard Pest Control

I thoroughly recommend ServiceTracker as the system of choice within the Pest Control industry. Once fully deployed, you will see a significant improvement in the way your business is managed. Here are some of the key reasons why:

  • Customers are kept informed at all times, are immediately aware of any issues on any of their sites and have full access to everything online
  • All staff have full visibility and control of work being carried out within each part of the business
  • Staff are happy -the system really works and is built for Pest Control
  • Surveyors know the status of all the quotes they are managing
  • Work carried out by the technicians get completed accurately on system and is available online immediately

Overall, we have seen a significant return on investment after bringing ServiceTracker into our business.

  • Staff productivity has increased by over 35% in all areas of the business
  • We are closing 25% more new business opportunities as they never get overlooked and are followed up straight away
  • Invoices are getting out the door quicker making it significantly easier to give customers proof of completed works and speeding up cash collection

Read the entire customer success story here