our story

People laugh when we tell them that counting dead flies was the start for our business.

When we look back on our lives, there are moments that may seem trivial at the time but later prove decisive.  For us, there were two such decisive moments.

Strangely, the first involved counting dead flies. It proved to be the motivational start for ServiceTracker. One of our trusted friends and mentors from the pest control industry, found himself wasting his evenings counting dead flies. 

He felt that there must be a better way to comply with regulation and take away the time consuming and boring task of fly counting.

The second decisive moment was when we saw what was happening to the pest control service industry.

There was a tightening grip on the industry by a few very big pest control companies. It made us mad.

The “big boys” in the industry were becoming ever more powerful, and for the smaller pest control service companies, business was becoming tougher.

Having been in the industry for many years and made many friends from the industry we wanted to level the playing fields. A way to give “Competitive Clout” against the “big boys” of the industry. We did not want our colleagues and friends driven out of business by the corporate giants.

A solution was needed to handle the ever-increasing regulation and compliance issues but also to provide a better service to customers.  Happy customers, after all, is what it’s all about.

So in 2011 using all of our industry knowledge and experience, plus advice from many trusted industry friends, we started work. This would be a solution from the industry for the industry. We set ourselves the challenge of building a solution to manage an entire pest control business with more worry free evenings and better profit margins. Simple!

As you can imagine the journey was not so simple. However, since we are not a bunch of pale, techy IT geeks who sit in a darkened room just typing code and watching old episodes of Star Trek we created a solution to meet the real-world pest control needs.

Those two important decisive moments for us began an important journey.  A journey that has now delivered a way forward for you.  A way to run your entire business from a single laptop, from anywhere in the world. Now that sounds far more fun than sitting counting flies, doesn’t it?

So the only question to ask yourself is…..…….. “When do you want to start making more money from your business?”

meet the gang

Nigel Sargent

Co-Founder ~ Commercial
"My passion is to transform your business"

Mike Day

Co-Founder ~ Technical
"There is always a solution"

Dominy Palmer

"Our success is a direct result of yours"

Jerry Hurley

"Manage what you measure"

Ian Clarke

Product Manager
"If you build it they will come"

Zoila Garman

Business Systems Analyst
"Lets make this look great"

Peter Priestley

Non-Exec Director
"A way forward for your business"

Ashutosh Kumar

Principal Mobile Developer
"Everything is in the palm of your hand"

Harsh Gupta

Salesforce Developer
"Lightning Quick"

Shradha Bansal

Project Manager
"Fail to plan then plan to fail"

Gaurav Singh

Mobile Developer
"Anything you need, anywhere, anytime"